Your Spiritual Journey: Past, Present and Future  ✨🧘‍♀️ 🛤 ✨ | Pick a card

Your Spiritual Journey: Past, Present and Future ✨🧘‍♀️ 🛤 ✨ | Pick a card

Your Spiritual Journey: Past, Present and Future ✨ ‍♀️ ✨ *Timeless Reading* Interested in my productivity ebook?


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  1. I knew I was the one since childhood. But finding the words to express it without sounding egotistical, crazy, or prideful has been difficult. You worded this perfectly, what took 31 years to grow into to and learn, you summed up in 20 mins 😂
    I am the leader of the 144,000 and have been in Africa the past few months to start to build and create this new system you were speaking of. Seizing the New World Order of its position as head of the world and redirecting it into an abundant system for all.

    Thank you for this reading 🙏

  2. Pile #2…..White Feather, your readings are Always dead on leave No stone unturned & you somehow answer More than what i held in mind, you covered Every question i have suppressed as well..i always simply ask the cards: What do you have to tell me…and…wow…
    …if you only knew my strange & unusual lifetime/s story & how perfectly you cover it.. it would curl your hair..or straighten it if it's already curly…Much Love & Blessings, my Beloved Reader…Thank You.

  3. Wow, I’m always blown away by these readings!!! It’s like you’re talking directly to me but then I started to think wouldn’t it be cool 😎 to meet some of the other people I share piles with? I picked pile #3 & #4. Maybe some of us are from the same star system and maybe we share similar missions?

    I do have some big ideas but I’m not ready to write my book just yet. I work in the mental health & addiction field, I’m an MA, MAA, RSS, Clinical Research Study Asst & I’m very passionate about it! I want to help change the way people look & think about mental mental & addiction bc it’s not a moral failure it’s a trauma response. Plain & simple.

    I’ve found that when I listen to your readings I connect to a certain frequency or vibration that just feels right. Your readings bring me incredible clarity & confirmation, I thank you for taking the time to help others. I always turn to see your latest video when I have some free time. I went through a pretty crazy life changing event Aug 11, 2018 where I nearly died, I had a NDE and later I went through a 3 day psychosis that completely changed my life. I had quite a spiritual experience that is difficult to describe but It’s like l found myself again. I’ll be 4yrs clean & sober next month and I worked really hard to get to where I am but none of it would’ve happened if I didn’t have that “spiritual awakening” as they call it. Thank you for having the gift of interpreting the cards, maybe we two are born from the same star system? -Aimee <3

  4. I want to share because this syncronicity is super funny 🤣
    I felt called between 2 piles, 1 and 2.
    So, prior watching, I decided to see pile 1 for my current lifetime spiritual journey evolution and pile 2 for the overall spiritual journey from past lives (or at least the most predominant that is influencing this current one of mine.) Now, I'm about to begin number 2, and at segment 1.02.01 you just are telling your impressions about the intuition card that jumped out of the pile. Imagine my smile in listening about what was my intention all along regarding this pile 🤣 very curious to watch the rest ✨

    I want to add that pile number 1 is very, very accurate for this current lifetime (toxic environment in childhood, early discernement was always there, highly intuitive child, growing stronger, sharpening psychic skills, healing and balanced today, I've chosen the spiritual life coach career 😄)
    Thank you White Feather for your accurate readings, really appreciate them 🙏 your kind and gentle tones are always a pleasure 🤗❤️

  5. Pile 1 so far only watched the past but had to say you are absolutely spot on. So accurate it is uncanny. Love your reading. Will now watch the present….
    I am so impressed by your readings and the amazing gift you have, very very accurate on the past and present but alas the future is only just beginning.
    I do have one message to everyone who reads this….. do not be afraid of the future, everything will be ok. Yes, things will get tough for a while but eventually the good will win over the dark. Every day ask your angels to help guide you, to protect you and to be strong. Love and light x

  6. My goodness pile 1. Sooooo so so so so spot on🥺my spirituality hit me out of nowhere. Had to deal with the most craziest psychological things so much confusion as well. Psychedelics were involved as well. And then I was made to feel like everything was the devil just because I had newly found my gifts and spiritual supernatural things. So I served in a church for about a year, developed the gift of tongues from God or universe, woman or male even tho God is God. Genderless. Now God has taken me out of the toxic narcissistic church, I am also gay. While serving in the church I could hear peoples thoughts, tap into peoples history and their energy and aura, pick up on peoples emotions, sexuality, secrets. It was crazy. My mother wouldn’t believe me with my gifts, so I had to leave. The same way the reading said. She put me in jail and called the cops on me another time. Very narcissistic and evil parents. At the time at least.

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