You Wont Believe Who Is Behind An EU Perpetual Bond Scheme.

You Wont Believe Who Is Behind An EU Perpetual Bond Scheme.

In this episode, Luke and Tim go over the latest economic news relating to the EU’s decision to issue perpetual bonds and what that really means for the average person’s liberty and freedom.

The guys also get into a lot of geeky economic history, which is great!

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  1. The UK used them to pay for WWI and some of the other wars they got into while trying to keep the "empire" together. They are known as Perpetuities. The governments only pays interest on them. This was touched on in the video, but this is basically a scheme to prevent any more "Brexits" from occuring. The threat of a country wanting to leave being suddenly saddled with tons of new debt because they have to pay "their fair share" will be enough to keep the remaining member countries in line, they hope.

  2. Ouf nice ! I like what you are doing on different platforms! Great idea!

    This cooperation is real! The historical aspects are amazing im really enjoying this show! So informative!

    Adding you on Spotify! Been following you Luke since before the demonstrations in france (not that long) and i Will keep doing so! You’ve showed us how a real reporter work in the field!

  3. Im from holland. They tell us bonds are just to make all the eu countries to borrow at the same interest rate. In holland the government let us pay like 70% taxes so we would pay of the national debt faster. That results into loaning at a smaller interest rates. With the bonds if italy or spain borrows money we as the tax payer pay for this loan. Its really messed up.

  4. That wasn't a very good "explanation" of what a bond is. A bond is simply a debt obligation. The Corporation or Institution needs money so they ask the market to buy newly issued debt at a given interest rate. Investors give the corporation money and get a bond as a receipt. The bond can be sold and traded in the market. The holder of the bond gets interest payments and the holder is paid back in full when the bond expires – unless the bond issuer goes bankrupt before the bond expires. This is why it is important to do due diligence and only lend money to large, profitable and very solid corporations such as the Bilderberg Corp who are almost guaranteed large sustained revenue streams in the future since they, through subsidiaries, own the minds of most people.

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