Wiz Da Wizard Death For Going Against Kodak Black ??

Wiz Da Wizard Death For Going Against Kodak Black Allegedly ??

27 thoughts on “Wiz Da Wizard Death For Going Against Kodak Black ??

  1. So are they zombies or demons I am trying to find ways to defeat them they are taking over Miami. But do I google how to kill a zombie? Or how to kill a demon?

  2. He just wanted out of his contract tho dude clearly saud in multiple videos ain’t no beef it’s bigger den wat the eye can see fa sure y’all gods better stop signing contracts

  3. §🔴 cia/ fbi proud of you boys…z up to you t up… Then death or jail or crippled or crazy…Yo choice cuz blm only WHEN MONEY INVOLVED… Organs. Worth alot!

  4. Everybody want to point the finger at Kodak because of social media bullshit that's a percentage of someone life why you think they try rap to get out the hood for ? It's real shit they be involved in and that same shit caught up with him.

  5. Man everybody really tryna claim they love God now💀y’all don’t really love him, if y’all did y’all would actually follow or at least try to follow the laws, statues and commandments… most of y’all can’t put swine(pork) (Leviticus 19:17)down or lobster, shrimp crab etc

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