Will There Be Breadlines In America?

Will There Be Breadlines In America?

Today, Luke and Tim dive into a crisis in development. As millions of Americans are unemployed, industries like food processing are in need of workers.

Tim gets into the history of the Great Depression, the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and the Americans who are refusing to return to work because unemployment pays more than their jobs.

Will there be lines for bread and cheese in 21st century America? Time will tell, but what do you think?

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Written by Change The News

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  1. Luke i fallow you for a long time and i work i meat processing company theres a alot of jobs also. I live in tjuana dont know havent seen or any body that knows any body thats sick also the way they tested we all have it luke i am shocked that you actually scared over theese virus. Its bullshit know people in health sector and they are beaing threaten with there if they any death is no not covid 19 ….hoax

  2. So, Luke-are you against the free speech of these nurses that go through stressors, they need to be silly to deal with what they're dealing with on a daily basis, even before this covids virus. You say they should stop… I say, you do you. Let them do whatever they need to to stay positive in these insane times.

  3. Protesting about quarantine, just go out yourself. No one is holding you in the house with a gun. I go out whenever I want. I go to the drug store, Walmart, etc. I go and pick up takeout whenever I want. I don't stay in 24/7. There are jobs needed at the Starbucks a couple of blocks from my house. They had to cut hours because of loss of employees. So, if you want a job, there are jobs out there. I would bet there are lots of jobs out there if you look.

  4. Press conference, politicians, police. No masks, no social DISTANCING 😂😂😂😂 DEADLY virus 😂😂😂😂😂
    Even my dog knows its fake.
    Q anonymous. The most top SECRET OPERATION in history! Everyone knows about it 😂😂😂😂😂
    Vote Sam, my dog, for president 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Sorry, Luke, my man……Those Tick Tock videos are highly suspect. Am I supposed to believe that with all of the "cases" that we supposedly have these nurses have nothing better to do than make dance videos? There doesn't seem to be any patients or any work going on, at all. Am I supposed to believe that they all came in to work an hour early so they could make the videos before their faces became bruised from wearing a too tight face mask on their 15 hour shifts? And where is the real time footage of all of these crowded hospitals? Luke, I'm sorry, but your critical thinking has flown the coop on this one. Lay down your fear.

  6. There is no pandemic just scamdemic plandemic lies to steal your money and freedom, wakey wakey sleeple! DARPA hydrogel in vaccine bonds with flesh and you can't take it out nanobots inside tracking and mind control look into it. RichieFromBoston, aplanetruth 4U, dahboo 77, Mike Morales channels for truth, not this half truth controlled opposition $hill

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