Will Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Dethrone Super Smash Bros? | X-Play

Saturday morning cartoons and video game mayhem sound like a match made in heaven but could Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl hold its own against the heavy ...

25 thoughts on “Will Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Dethrone Super Smash Bros? | X-Play

  1. The only thing All-Star Brawl has going for it is that it's a multiplatformer whereas Smash Bros is a Nintendo exclusive. But Smash Bros is an icon. All-Star Brawl might be popular now, but how long do you think that's gonna last? It's gonna be long forgotten by this time next year, mark my word.

  2. Only thing I know about Danny Phantom is that it’s connected to this shooter named Randy Stair. An antagonist or something in the show he became extremely obsessed with and killed three people as well as himself to join her “ghost squad”.

  3. The secret to Smash Bros. success is Nintendo had a deep enough IP pool to allow their franchise to grow and improve while still highlighting a well regarded characters—until they hit an inflection point where Nintendo can start to reach out to other IP holders to boost the roster.

    I’m not familiar enough with Nickelodeon’s IP pool to know whether or not Nickelodeon can keep the market engaged without having to use resources to negotiate with third parties as opposed to refining the game’s mechanics.

    As for the talk of netcode… Linux has been generally considered a more secure and robust—but Windows still dominate the consumer market *shrug—technical stuff is not what usually unseats the familiar products

  4. I'm similiar to frosk, in terms of that age range, my knowledge stopped around the real monsters era, though i am sorta aware of sponge bob and wild thorns berries cause of my younger siblings. Its ok adam, the last air bender was probably as anime as western animation could get xD

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