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Why We Ship Characters - From X-Files to Reylo
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Today on our [email protected]Netflix Film Club series “Take Two,” we explore the true meaning of Christmas movies: Watch it now on …



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  1. The destiel shippers are bad they Have shiped it so bad and ruined spn fandom i feel i am a avid shipper i ship sastiel i don't need it and have never asked for it but the destiel people have killed it for me

  2. I feel like most shippers are obsessed. And they are the main reason for making a fandom extremely unbearable. They do not accept that other people do not ship them. In addition, some ships are fetishists, others pedophiles, others toxic, and still find it normal to root for one of these "couples". It's just sickly.

  3. I'm disappointed they did a video discussing shipping but totally ignored show runners use of queerbaiting to keep an audience who want LGBT representation but giving them nothing, or mocking them for seeing connections they create. Sure it's the fans that are at fault. (the ones that threaten actors are completely in the wrong, no excuses)

  4. I like that they were platonic and if they stayed that way I would have been ok with that. But since it did happen, I like that it was a slow burn. I think it is good that they learned about each other and were friends for real first, and they developed feelings as a result.

  5. I always hated the effects of shipping on fandoms.

    Take The Mandalorian – a great Star Wars show with a genuinely cool story, interesting characters, and little to no tendency to turn any relationship romantic. Din and Cara could be friends, Greef and Gideon didn't need to have an 'intense offscreen sexual relationship' – just genuine fans talking about the stories, the lore, the spaceships and the characters.

    And then came the Tumblrites:
    'dIn iS SuCh a sMoL GaY BeAn uWu'
    'wE StAn mOfF GiDeOn, StIcK ThAt dArKsAbEr wHeRe tHe lIgHt dOn't sHiNe bAyBeE'
    'B A B Y Y O D A A N D F̶̼́͛͒̈́̾ ̷̢͇̼̻̅̽̈́͜L̷̫͔͈̰̣̑͊ ̷̱͖̳̳͊̿O̷̘̞̖͗̈́ ̶̛̞̤͊́̈̀Ẁ̵͈̓̉͑̄ ̶͕̰̗̦͂̈́E̴͔̬̔͒ ̸̢̰̘̹͊͛̓̈́̚R̷̟̪͕̣͛́͝͝ͅ ̷̻͚̾ ̵̨͚̓̉̓͝ͅC̶͎͖̹̼̺̆ ̷̜̱̼̗̝͌͛̀͆̚R̵͉̟̥̩͌ ̴͕͖͓̜̒O̷̰̱̦͈̍ ̶̢͕͓͔̜̈́W̸̨͈̍̀͝ ̴̩͓̕N̵̻̤̠̍̈́̀̓̾ ̶̥̍͌͛̌ͅS̴͔̆̂̓ͅ

    That type of person is the only kind who does this dumbass 'shipping' shit, and they ruin things for the rest of us. Fandoms aren't as much fun when they get too big and the ex-SuperWhoLocks flood the place with ReyLo and that awful Steven Universe artstyle.

    Not every character has to fuck each other for a franchise to be fun. Be at least a little creative, and stay in your Steven Universe corner next time

  6. I was a bit disappointed that The Take ladies didn't talk much about how fans of Jane Austen shipped characters too. They briefly glossed over it in the introduction, but I would have loved to hear more about which characters they shipped and why.

  7. Sometimes, ship just happens to you. I thought myself fairly canon obedient person, until something snapped in my brain and I randomly started collecting fan made drawings of my favourite characters being romantic together. "It´s so well drawn," I tried to justify that to myself. "oh boy…", laughed my closeted gay brain.

  8. As a reylo: from the very beginning, it was made to be them as end game. I saw it far before The Last Jedi, but the Last Jedi proved it: they were meant to complete each other. why reylos were so pissed about The Rise of Skywalker? It was a bad movie in general – even if they hadn't ended up together, it would have been cool to see Ben come full circle and have a different destiny/story than Anakin. We've already seen that. The whole movie was lazy, and dumb, and rushed and given hardly any thought. Shippers can be annoying and obnoxious, absolutely – but the dudebro fans are an entirely different breed that truly made TROS what it ended up being: an sloppy attempt at a rehash of the original trilogy that we'd already seen. The ship doesn't always have to be end game. But a happy ending to a space opera would be nice, since they gave our hero literally nothing but a dead dyad (soulmate) and ghosts on a sad desert planet. What the hell, JJ Abrams? Learn to make movies gooder.

  9. I have been reading fic since I was 11 years old and now I'm in graduate school, so I will be the first to attempt the toxicity in fandom in a problem and that sometimes things cross a line. However, I am so tired the implication that shipping is always just in fans heads. Shipping and fic are definitely avenues for self exploration and realization; I know they have been for me. Sometimes shipping is just a what if or interesting game. That doesn't mean however, that it stems from nothing. Often, it comes down to different readings of cannon. There are a lot pairings I don't ship that have a point even if I don't agree with it. People have been debating the implications of classic lit or social theory for a long time just because something isn't Marx or Dickens doesn't mean there can't be nuanced or multiple readings. Let's also not pretend that writers/creators don't deliberately string fans along to boost ratings or for the publicity; this shows a lack of respect for the very people that make the continuation of their work possible. This is especially problematic when pairings involve one or more characters from marginalized groups like the LGBTQ+ or neurodivergent communities. I really can not believe as a social scientists a twenty minute video about shipping and didn't discuss or acknowledge Queerbating or at least Queercoding once. There several very popular/cult classical fandoms owe a decent proportion of there success to fans from marginalized communities and the writers/networks are happy to take their money but the will they or won't moment comes they deliberately chose to keep things ambitious and keep stringing fans a long. Would I like to see my OTPs kiss/become cannon? Yes but would I like more is creators to respect fans and what we invest in their work the same way we invest in and respect the stories and characters they create.

  10. Was the Harry/Hermione dig necessary? There was plenty of evidence supporting them. Also I love how you ignore the fact JK Rowling has admitted Ron and Hermione were a mistake. And you might want to get a better narrator. Talk about monotone.

  11. Shipping is ok when it stays in the fanfics and fandom. The moment crazy people "feel in right" to force their fantasies in the artists lives, then imo there no mercy for that.

  12. Omg shipping comes from „relationship-ping“ I always thought it’s a weird analogy that you want those two characters alone on a ship so they have to interact and come to love each other

  13. I feel like sometimes you see yourself in one of the characters and the other character as your crush. Also some characters are just so perfect together. The investing in the story; also sometimes one of the characters deserve to be happy for once.

  14. I think it's really interesting that 2 characters (of whatever sex or sexual orientation) can't be super close without people wanting to turn it into something romantic.
    Having said that I totally shipped Mulder and Scully who were really close canon-wise, and Harry and Draco who were only close in AU fan fic.

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