Why Dubai Built An Underwater Floating Train

Dubai has some of the richest people on the planet, and because they're so much wealth, they create some of the most amazing projects! Billions of dollars are ...

32 thoughts on “Why Dubai Built An Underwater Floating Train

  1. Loved my visit here and would to visit again, hope the train to india would be operational when I visit next time. I had to fly to India, will my bum will be on that seat in that train!!!!viva Dubai!

  2. I always think of the Burj Khalifa when i think of Dubai but i just hate thinking that most of Dubai was built from slavery 😀😑😡😭 won't be spending my money there for that reason alone!

  3. Sad reading all the comments from jealous bitter Americans lol, like the Bible says, the meek shall inherit the earth, certain groups of people had their run, now it's somebody else's turn to run things, you don't stay on top forever.

  4. For some reason I'm not impressed or interested in any of the structures in Dubai. Arabs have always been known to have a penchant for the gaudy and tacky. Buildings made like giant genie lamps?? Seahorse-shaped islands?? Buildings shaped like eyeballs??!!….no thanks …

  5. The speed of this train will be between 600 to 1000km per hour. My concern is, if any kind of train derailment the whole tunnel will be filled with water and then collapse. I hope the engineers are working hard to avoid these loops in this hyperloop train

  6. The Quran prophesied nations build the tallest buildings that is the sign of the end time…… to build the tallest skyscraper is everywhere….. prepare for the end is near…this remember me of the tower of Babel in the Bible…

  7. all because thay are floating on oil.come the future when we are dependent on nuclear power and energy,all those countries floating on oil will go back to the stone age.

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