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Really, that is the question…why do we still talk about Kim Kardashian? She is a woman that we have come to knowing in being in a relationship with R&B singer Ray J, and decided to shoot a sex tape with the singer. And, it was that sex tape which sent Kim to the height of public attention, and to the eyes of many men looking to have their go.

On the sex tape Kim was seen doing some serious rated R actions on Ray J. Besides being Paris Hilton’s side buddy slash fashion assistant as she climbed to the surface to us, it was the sex tape with Ray J that was mailed leaked to the public which knocked down the doors of Hollywood for Kim. Since, Kim went onto making millions off her reality t.v. show, earning appearance fees all while taking the opportunity to build a brand for herself. Then, came the famous men who seemed more interested in Kim in the bedroom than her intellect, and personality.

Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, and Kanye West are just a short list of men the socialite has been with. Kim managed to benefit off the fame of her sex tape to having a reality show that allowed her to amass great wealth that landed her in the billionaires club. She not too long ago bought her own private jet for just under $200 million dollars.

I guess what I am trying to say here is, Kim is no one of a particular talent, gift or a life changing personal. So, why the need of caring who she dates? Who cares who is her husband, and what man gets to meet her bunch of kids. She recently did a Good Morning America sit down talking about her new man-and all the good feelings he brings to her. Why

Have interest in movie stars, politicians and innovators, but why Kim. You never ask yourself why you care? Sadly, there is so much focus on Kim as if she is one of or the top innovator of our time. Its time we get our priorities in line and stop watching the Kardashians and Kim as if they are providing us with anything intellectual or anything mildly educational. It looks as though the disgust of not just Kim, but her clan is getting to people now…Sandra Rose has the video of people shouting profanities at the Kardashians as they entered the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

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