Why are US and Russian tensions escalating over the Ukraine? - BBC News

Why are US and Russian tensions escalating over the Ukraine? – BBC News

Russia continues to deny planning military action against Ukraine, despite massing 100000 troops nearby. Some 8500 …


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  1. Putins a idiot you want to bring Ukraine back into Russia but then you attack Ukraine people who are related to alot of Russian citizens what a devil. If the people of Russia are fooled that easily by attacking their own relatives that's disturbing and serves no point. Killing your own family because some idiot decided thats what's best. Disgusting people of Russia take control of your country and show the world that Russia is not in charge from 1 man with a hidden agenda. The fact he decide to attack a nation he wants to join him is just pure stupidty

  2. AmeriKKKa is a piece of 💩. Always getting involved as IF THEY SOLVE PROBLEMS instead of ADDING FUEL to the fire !!! Leaving millions dead, look at Middle East and Africa. And South America and Asia. LOOK AT HISTORY!!! Their military is so stupid. I wish the soldiers leave and what can Biden and the other corporations and puppets gonna do ? They won’t be able to sell their weapons

  3. Russia needs to become a member of NATO, or NATO needs to be dissolved. The stupidity of the situation is all based on lobbying by the weapons industry, which creates billions of dollars for both Russia and the US. This situation is almost exactly what was happening right before WW1. The loss of the billions to trillions of dollars in weapons sales as a result of admitting Russia to NATO can be partially offset by the economic growth the union would produce. Of course the weapons industry would lose out tremendously, and the US economy is basically based on that. However by making China the common bad guy, they can still sell a lot of weapons. China would probably be on board since their weapon sales are taking a giant hit due to competition from Russia, and they are hungry to get a bigger piece of the market.

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