Why America Went To WAR With A Plant (Hint: It's About Money)

Why America Went To WAR With A Plant (Hint: It’s About Money)

In a clip from an earlier live stream, Luke and Tim dive into the history of America’s war on drugs, starting with a plant.

So what’s the real reason for prohibition? Who profited most and who is profiting now?



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  1. I absolutely agree with what he's saying but let's call a spade a spade…
    The poppy in most nation's around the world sub 1930s was actually a recreational smoke or used for pain.

    Today we just synthesise it and use a fraction of the real poppy in ALL opioied medicine because it's cheaper to use catalysts than the entire poppy seed (so filler with poppy)..
    It's branded under everything from Oct, to endone, to phentanol and on and on…

    Why was this also made illega ?

    Easy because of big pharma!

    People forget that China went to war with the British because the Brits were harvesting poppies in China and selling them to citizens around the world. When China said enough, just use it for medicine only… Britain went f'off and bombed the shit out of their harbour and took over southern China! All in the name of profits!

    WW1 and WW2 we're Ironically they thing that freed China as nation (even though they were occupied by Japan). But the reason they couldn't defend themselves was because the British made sure no one had weapons for an uprising against them! 🙈

    This entire planet runs on greed and sadly others always pay for someone else's profit somewhere somehow… 😕

    So while I'm not Chinese and am about as white as a white boy can be, I hate it when others use the immigration issue because the western world has spend nearly 1000 years exploiting other nations. So this virus, the economy none of it is a race issue… It ALL stems back to greed and profit no matter what the problem is. (It's crazy but think on it and it ALWAYS stems back to someone needing or wanting money for the solution to the issue! Crazy we are still this in evolved)

  2. A little interesting trivia regarding Pancho Villa. The song, la cucaracha, has a line in it:

    La cucaracha, la cucaracha,

    ya no puede caminar

    porque le falta, porque no tiene

    marihuana pa' fumar.

    Translation is the cockroach can't go today because he has no marijuana to burn. This referred to Pancho Villa and it is a play on his reputation for smoking marijuana. But the song uses the spanish word commonly meaning to burn, not to smoke. The reason is that in those days Pancho drove a steam powered car. The marijuana he needed to burn was the hemp stalks for fuel. He had plenty to smoke.

  3. The real reason hemp was made illegal is because we had the Great Depression and lots of workers wanted Mexicans deported so they would not compete with Americans for jobs. First anti marijuana laws were passed by state legislators mostly in border states and were used to deport pot smoking Mexicans. Then after alcohol prohibition ended Anslinger saw marijuana prohibition as a way to employ soon to be laid off alcohol agents and as an opportunity to build an organization to rival J Edgar Hoover's FBI. FBI, btw got its impetus from a perceived need by racists to combat prostitution – which to them was any white woman having sex with a black man. Look it up – The Mann Act and the story of Jack Johnson. But back to the drug war. The drug war is a legacy of racial, ethnic and religious persecution. Marijuana was aimed at hispanics and blacks. Opium the Chinese. Alcohol was anti-Catholic, particularly Germans. Read Ceremonial Chemistry by Thomas Szasz for the real story behind the birth of the drug war.

  4. Marijuana being illegal has NOTHING to do with economics and everything to do with racism. The theory by Jack Herer that hemp would kick cotton's ass is pure economic nonsense by a person who had no training or understanding in economics. I knew Jack as we put his initiative on the ballot in Alaska and he helped us raise money and campaign. Jack was a great man but his hemp theory was absolutely silly if you understand economics. If it were true that hemp would kick cotton's ass, why hasn't it done it since it has been made legal.

  5. Hey, Tim-

    There's a significant factor you're overlooking here…it's one that I myself was overlooking when I first wrote an article on the subject for the American Daily Herald some years ago. My managing editor liked the piece, but thought it wasn't yet complete, suggesting I do some more research before he'd publish it.
    I did, and was he right! It's because along with Harry Anslinger and his DuPont connection, a big factor in the demonization of hemp and the psychoactive cannabis was the publisher William Randolph Hearst, the 'father of yellow journalism.' He, like Anslinger, was a virulent racist, but he had extra hatred and incentive driving his efforts to specifically demonize Mexicans along with blacks with the 'killer weed' fantasies to scare the public.

    You see, not long before the whole issue blew up, the Mexican bandit Pancho Villa had stolen and nationalized thousands of acres of Hearst's prime timber land in Mexico. So not only did he want to help his cronies, but as a newspaper publisher dependent upon pulp from timber to produce his newspapers, along with the desire to keep hemp from competing with paper as a medium, he was in a white-hot frenzy to punish Mexicans. Beyond that, the actual story of the criminalization of hemp and marijuana is fascinating in a bizarre way, especially when you understand how easily Congress was swayed by just one 'doctor's' truly absurd testimony that they swallowed hook, line, and sinker along with the racist made-up 'facts' from Anslinger!

    If you're inclined, have a look at my essay. It was originally published in the Herald in 2012, but after that went under, I republished it in my blog in 2016. I imagine some of the links are out of date, but you can still get a more comprehensive picture of all the insane xenophobia along with the crony corporatist shenanigans from the piece if you're interested. Here's the link, I hope it provides some value for you or anyone wanting to learn more: https://libertyonwheels.com/2016/08/06/real-warriors-oppose-the-states-war-on-cannabis/

  6. Public pretenders do not want solutions to problems. Solving problems does not serve their agenda, creating massive problems for the people serves their agenda. Just watch them and they prove day after day that public pretenders exist to reduce your lives. Reducing the health, well being and lives is top priority for public pretenders and plundering all private property. With covid-19 you will see courts digging around in coffins for money to plunder under the guise of probate. Public pretenders business model is “works of death”.

  7. Of course there's a big economical reason, fabrics, paper, oil, plastics and farmaceutical industries. But after partaking for almost 40 years I'd say from personal experience it's the way it makes you think, or, as a previous commenter said, "see through the bullshit." It establishes a connection with something beyond the physical world, with "teachers" that speak sense to you through an inner voice. This was confirmed by Rosanne Barr. From an interview: "I had asked why she was such a fan of marijuana, which we see her smoking in the film, and which she claims is excellent for releasing us from 'mind control.'" (https://www.thecannabist.co/2015/04/23/roseanne-barr-blind-marijuana/34074/). And then there's Cathy 'o Brien, a victim of MK-ULTRA mind control. She has stated in her book and in public talks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUFGDXpefI) that the elite fear cannabis because it screws up their mind control programming. It makes you see through things, makes you think for yourself. If there's anything that will break their stranglehold on humanity it's a massive shift in human consciousness, and cannabis would establish that.

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