Why Addison Rae is NO longer preforming (iHeart Radio Music Festival)

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50 thoughts on “Why Addison Rae is NO longer preforming (iHeart Radio Music Festival)

  1. She drives me so mad
    She is litteraly a plain ass straight american girl
    And she just learns tiktok dances and becomes a millionaire and gets as famous as celebrities for that
    And i am here crying about school stress and worrying about my future becouse of the shitty ass country i live in

  2. I don’t know why people hate on her…. I MEAN HONESTLY she got popular off of TikTok… YOU PEOPLE START FOLLOWING HER . She’s been doing good! Let’s not hate on our brothers and sisters! We should encourage them 🥺💖

  3. She knew shes gonna be a big joke in ihear.After the met gala,the backlash is insane so im sure most of the news will be about her performing after.

  4. I feel so bad for Addison , she just wants people to like her and it’s understandable. Everyone wants someone to like them and just because she seems selfish to some people maybe she just wants people to like her and people just make fun of her more the more she tries to please people . She is really trying but she wanted everyone to be happy and she knew that people were gonna be even more horrible to her if she performed . Like feel how much stress you all would feel if you were going through what she has to deal with daily just for trying to make people happy . It’s just not fair

  5. honestly i’m glad, it must suck for other artists who work hard to get where they are and she did one song, it’s just dumb. also bit selfish to say she’s not going 2 days before hand, some people probably paid for a ticket to see her song and the festival probably prepared a set for her

  6. Everyone in the comments needs to shut up .😂😂😂you all be acting like you can actually sing.plz Addison may just have a “okay” voice but for sure better then half of y’all’s. negative comment are so overrated 🙄😀😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Dude people literally need to leave her tf alone. As a teen, I find it sad that teens hate on other teens for doing what they love
    Are her songs amazing? Maybe not. But she's just started. You can't expect a new artist's song to be perfect. She's still trying and instead of bullying her, we should support her.

  8. I’m sorry y’all really making tik Tok stars feel like they really put hard work- all these talented artists did blood sweat and tears- she acts like she’s a damn Ariana Grande 😂

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