when u lose ur friends at a music festival

oh don't worry i'll just enjoy this festival ON MY OWN GUYS. *cries* ~~~~ send this to ur rave fam ~~~~ - listen to my podcast with Michael called @Stiff Socks ...

39 thoughts on “when u lose ur friends at a music festival

  1. Haha, loved this!
    Reminds me of when I lost my group of 8 mates at Glastonbury one year, except… that was the night of my life! I would share the story but there's not a lot I remember. But random people were very friendly and sharing 😀
    I made a whole load of new friends that night, then met up with my old friends to tell them all about it hahahaha

  2. I ended up at a festival by myself… It actually was fun that way because I didn't have to search for people or hear them be afraid to go listen to the music they wanted on their own.

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