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When Choosing What to Wear to a Concert You Need These 3 Rules

What to wear to a concert depends on which concert you are going to see. Are you going to see the Rolling Stones or Yo-Yo Ma? Will you be seeing Snoop Dog or the Beach Boys? These are wildly different events and experiences. Can you picture someone in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts bobbing their head at a Snoop Dog concert? There is some advice that can be offered to help you to decide what to wear to a concert... look at the artist themselves. What is the artist going to be wearing at their own concert?

The rock concert will include the lead singer in tight pants and a t-shirt. There may be a wild element to it, for example the lead singer might be wearing a pair of tight leopard print pants. You will probably not feel out of place in a pair of tight pants and a t-shirt. To glam it up just a little, you might want to wear the pants with heels or wear your outfit with a pair of oversized and dangling earrings.

At the classical music concert the musicians will be in tuxedos, suits, and dress, so you probably want to dress similarly. Here is another piece of advice, when in doubt overdress. It is more comfortable to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Trust me your will be breathing a sigh of relief in case a photo makes it onto Facebook.

The hip hop artist wardrobe will consist of t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans. However, if you are going to see someone like Kanye West, then you can sport a little more of a prep look and not look out of place. He is probably going to be wearing a blazer or leather jacket, so you can safely wear those items to be a stylish member of the audience.

When an artist is deciding what to wear on their tour, they are making a decision about what kind of vibe they want the event to have, so it is perfectly appropriate to take you clothing cues from them.

When deciding what to wear to the concert remember these rules:

  1. Take your styling cues from the artist/band. Going to a Lady Gaga concert does not mean you need to put on a meat dress, but it does mean you can be a little more wild and eccentric with your outfit.

  2. When in doubt overdress... slightly. This doesn't mean throwing on a ball gown to see U2, but maybe putting on some nicer accessories or shoes.

  3. Be extra stylish and choose one "wow" piece for your outfit. Whether it is a pair of red jeans, rhinestone clutch bag, or oversized ring. Have one item in your outfit be the "wow" and maybe you'll even steal some of the spotlight.

Figuring out what to wear to the concert is easy, when you follow the simple rules and follow the artist who inspired you to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a concert ticket. But hey, we all get it. Barry Manilow is well worth the ticket price. Rock On!


Source by Aisha Jones

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