What's really hiding under Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado?

There are so many rumors swirling around about what's under Colorado. Watch the 9NEWS special "Under Colorado" for more underground secrets, Saturday, ...

42 thoughts on “What's really hiding under Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado?

  1. These people make it to easy for terrorist to see this type of information. More like an invitation to terrorist to destroy this country. Just as dumb as Obama telling our enemies what and when are intentions will be done.!! 😂😂

  2. I'm aware it's not the only one of its kind, so it makes all the rumours that have been circling the last several years (about some secret govt/defence project of underground facilities, and/or tunnelling to connect several complexes, maybe even nation-wide) seem extremely plausible imho.

    Countless reports of inexplainable loud "bangs/booming noises" that couldn't be contributed to anything weather or earthquake-related (making peoples' house tremble), countless (up and well-running!) super-store buildings suddenly getting sold/closed and vacated, only to have all kinds of builders' activity going on inside, and nothing to show for it during the whole period on the outside…🤔

  3. A subterranean complex with a 5-acre surface, built inside a flipping mountain under 2,000 ft of granite, able to deflect a 30 megaton nuclear explosion as close as 1.2 miles…😧

    If this sucker fails to have you marvel at the potential of what man can accomplish, there's something wrong with your biological hard drive!

  4. They set that room up just for this presentation. WHY couldn't they just show us one of the real ones? Maybe this is the locale of one of the "underground zoos."
    They now have tunnels all over the US, with underground cities, fully stocked. Hear any unknown booms lately? Shhh… they don't want us to know. WHY the big secrets? Can't hide from The Father.

  5. THIS IS BS! When the twin towers were attacked, the guys here were playing war games and didn’t have a clue about the inside job being played at the same moment. Now, there are thousands of facilities like this one around the world.

  6. Who would want to be in it during a nuclear war? You are going to be buried alive 2 miles deep in solid rock with absolutely no way out.

  7. Funny thing is you're showing this to the public but you're really not showing the truth there is tunnels connecting every state in every direction you can imagine under the ground to all of this right over to the Denver Airport how else is everybody going to get in that building when the shit hits the fan it ain't going to be from the road One entrance in that's for sure that you're telling us only what you want us to think

  8. That's what they use for sex trafficking and every demonic thing that you would never imagine all throughout the earth and under the Oceans unimaginable sickness. Vengeance is Mine says the Lord God Almighty 😤

  9. Two and three story buildings…my they left out a lot.😒
    Paid for by hard working taxpayers….for the haves to be safe. We literally bought protection for the elite. That we cannot access.

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