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What Would a Breaking Bad Video Game Have Looked Like?

We hardly ever get to see Jimmy, Chuck, Kim, or Howard in their natural habitats, with their legal scenes often being interspersed with their personal lives in the series. In a visual novel video game, players could control each of these four lawyers and come to understand their very different litigation techniques. 

Witty dialogue and thought-provoking puzzles would tie the whole thing together perfectly. This type of game would live on the Nintendo Switch most easily, but would have been even better on the 3DS.


As obscure as it sounds, the Breaking Bad universe actually has quite a few characters who could fit into a fighting game. Considering how violent the Salamanca family is, it makes complete sense to put them in a ring Street Fighter style and have them duke it out. Tuco, Lalo, the cousins, Nacho, Gus, Tyrus, and Mike would all have their own unique move set. 

Nacho would be defensive because he is a naturally passive criminal. Tuco would be out of control and full of rage, forcing the player to harness that power to win the match. Gus would be calculated and use weapons instead of fists, as we know how much his signature box cutter would impact the fight. 

There is certainly precedence for hand-to-hand combat in these shows, with Mike taking a licking from Tuco to get him in prison in the second season, and Howard and Jimmy boxing in the sixth season

Involving the entire world of characters and not just those in the cartel-sphere would make for some wonky combinations and wacky attacks, and Super Smash Bros. and Multiversus have proven this type of game is possible. From Walter throwing pizza in the air to Kim twirling her ponytail at the enemy, there’s an infinite number of fighting possibilities. Online play would be ideal on the PC for this type of fighting game. 

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