What Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler Miss Most About ‘Dance Moms’ Phase

Extra's” Jana Kramer chatted with Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, where they revealed what they miss about the “Dance Moms” ...

29 thoughts on “What Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler Miss Most About ‘Dance Moms’ Phase

  1. My name is McKenna and every time I intrudoce myself I almost say my name is McKenzie or Maddie or Madison and I make a fool of myself cause I do not even no my own name

  2. Kenzie is still goofy looking lol I mean they’re both beautiful but you know how when she was little and just goofy looking😂

  3. Should never push kids to keep dancing if they hate it… Happened to me till my teens… Took a massive mental breakdown to finally stop it… 10 years since my mum still bangs on about going back to dancing and what a shame it was I quit…

  4. I'm not giving Abby a lot of credit but she did bring a whole lot of wonderful talented dancers together Maddie truly dance like an angel. Mackenzie looked up to her sister which I feel she is an angel to her. I would sure love to see all the original girls come back to the show for a great reunion Mackenzie has a voice of an Angel. Maddie and Mackenzie are inspiration to each other. All the girls really love each other

  5. Oh I am so glad you asked the question about your daughter, my 5 year old tells me that she doesn’t want to dance anymore but I don’t know if I should keep her in classes, in hope that she decides that she loves it. 😩

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