What lies deep beneath Singapore? | Going Underground | Full Episode

Deep beneath the bustling streets of Singapore lies a subterranean world that few have seen or heard of before. From an enormous life-saving structure under a ...

48 thoughts on “What lies deep beneath Singapore? | Going Underground | Full Episode

  1. Singapore is my fav place to visit. While I may be an Aussie 愚蠢的脂肪白色外国游人 / ang moh /Yángrén / fan-kui / Laowai / gwai loh, but I love the people in Sing and love learning, mixing and embracing the culture. xie xie, Terima Kasih, Daniawaad, Thank you!

  2. 地下世界对所有人来说都是一个谜,需要进一步研究,因为缺乏对地下画廊模式的了解,再加上地表建筑面积的扩大,导致暴露元素的脆弱性增加。仅靠地下测绘是不够的,应在附近地区多使用。必须进行关怀研究,以更好地了解我们的地下环境和系统,这些环境和系统对未来令人担忧的灾难中的许多未来地表发展或灾害有很大影响。

  3. This was a great documentary it's still the same continent from every other underground video I've seen. Cheese or mushrooms and other vegetables grown underground 🚋 but I was most impressed with the kid studying the swiftlets he could get big money for each one of those Nests but instead he's just there for the research what a great human being 👍🏻

  4. Since you are out of free space to expand horizontally to meet your needs, you have no choice but go vertical either up or down. It 's not really that bad to go deeper as some suggested, but the lack of knowledge of doing it properly is what matter. 🤔🤔

  5. I'm seeing this question alot, "why are you using feet, it's meters."

    I'd like to point out the obvious… which is that this is an English documentary with English captioning… meaning… it's for English speaking people to understand. Most likely western.

  6. The underground water pump looks allot like the structure underneath the great pyramid in egypt. Idk if they have confirmed it to be a water pump but they look very similar

  7. Living underground is such a difficult situation that's why some Singaporean force to leave and migrate because of over population,very tight room spaces and also stupid neighborhood expensive prices

  8. I love this narrator's voice (Shelley Blond). Definitely heard her voice in some other documentaries. Did a quick search and found that she is also the voice of the original Lara Croft, wow!

  9. right now with no underground, we cant even walk on the streets without banging into someone, doesnt help when everyone is using their phones and blocking u. transport is already a huge problem. so with building the underground they will have a better excuse to bring in more foreigners to hit 10 million. our local population doesnt increase significantly, so who are all these new living areas for? and humidity levels are going to increase. the social fabric is already bad now and will only get worse. sad to say the new singapore will be designed for new citizens and not for locals.not sure how people will even have good air anymore.

  10. I am certainly impressed with Singapore's ability to find new solutions to old problems but the real problem they need to find a solution too is the demand to continuously grow. They should learn when enough is enough and develop a means to maintain a successful society without seeking constant growth.

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