What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Using HDMI Cables?

Looking or listening to HDMI enabled devices is more than enough to make you realize the benefit or advantage of having HDMI cables. Since HDMI is completely digitized, the data that it delivers will be immensely superior when compared to analog devices. In fact, the compression that you will witness on using analog cables will be no more in HDMI cables. Hence, there will be no loss of audio or video detail witnessed. In addition, in these cables, there is nothing like digital to analog conversions being carried out, which is usually done in other digital interfaces. In fact, the process of digital to analog conversion is actually what that leads to a kind of disturbances in the data versions.

In order to make the innovation and progress of HDMI easier, it uses more than the actual bandwidth. It was in the year 2002, the earliest release under the HDMI technology called HDMI 1.0 witnessed. This cable was able to support over 3.96 Gbps exclusively for video and LPCM / 192 KHz / 24-bit with eight channels for audio. However, the subsequent releases were given with the capability to support Dolby True HD, Deep Color and One Bit Audio. Since HDMI is a single cable, it will of course be cost effective. There is no need of having three video connections, which were basically used for HD. Obviously, there was a need of six connections previously for HD audio.

The surveys that were carried out have shown that up to 140 million HDMI devices were purchased by people in the year 2007. Hence, there is nothing to be surprised when you find an increase in the number during the upcoming years, as people are slowly realizing the advantages and benefits associated with HDMI cables.


Source by Kelly M Jones

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