We're Not Alone… Inside Ancient Underground Tunnels

Today we're back with Ian & Chris heading into the underground tunnel's beneath Dover's famous Western Heights Fortification, where not all is as it seems and ...

24 thoughts on “We're Not Alone… Inside Ancient Underground Tunnels

  1. i wonder if you could do somthing like a dna test on them bricks to see where they came from? if there is a way, you would beable to do the starforts and other buildings.

  2. I don’t normally like amateur videos like this BUT….. you guys are down to Earth, being yourselves (not trying to be Hollywood actors), are funny, have GREAT lighting for a change, (well done! Hate when you can’t see feck all!), seem like a supportive group of friends, not trying to out-do each other, it’s all a rather refreshing change! Just for that, think I’m going to Sub! WOOHOO 🥳! ❤️🦋🙏. Ps., PLEASE, PLEASE., PLEASE can you turn the caption option “ON”? As I’m slightly hard of hearing. Thank you in advance. Namaste 🙏

  3. love watching your videos, urban exploring and a good laugh! too funny! when ian was explaining the drawbridge, "We know how a drawbridge works!" lmao brilliant! why do you not have more subscribers?!

  4. Damn just found this video, and i have been to this place 3 times now, very large building, small entrance though. The last one you went through, we thought there was nothing over that chalk hill in the long corridor so we turned back. Have to go back there now.

  5. THERE IS NOT WAY IN THE WORLD THAT ALL THESE TUNNELS AL OVER THE COUNTRY WERE DONE IN DURING THE WAR. Given the tools we had and the time it would have taken to construct dig out and build all these networks of tunnels? There is no way this was done during the war. HOW LONG before the war started did building commence? MORE questions than answers.

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