Vocal Coach Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo iHeart 2021 "Controversy" (Full Performance)

if the live replay is removed, watch it here: https://www.patreon.com/tristanparedes 0:00 Intro 6:51 Tiktok comes for Olivia 10:10 brutal 14:34 jealously jealously ...

37 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo iHeart 2021 "Controversy" (Full Performance)

  1. I don't understand why they say she can't sing and she uses autotune to fix her bad voice in the recording, if that's the case it would've been obvious. She clearly put a little bit of autotune but that's it she can't fix her "bad voice" with autotune and make it sound this smooth and not machine-like. And she sounds good idk what they talkin about, my sister is a vocal trainer and she loved her performance

  2. I was there, roasting in the Las Vegas heat 😂, the energy in the crowd during Driver’s license was probably because the vast majority of people there were primarily for Olivia. It got the most compressed, most recorded, and singed performance out of all the acts 😄, personally I almost passed out trying not to lose my spot

  3. let’s take some time to realize that she’s BARELY 18 years old, and she’s already writing her own songs, and has a fantastic voice! her songs are very good. and she definitely has some of the best live vocals i’ve heard, she’s very good and deserves more credit than she’s getting already!

  4. lmao this just shows how toxic tik tok and this generation is getting because once one person says their opinion, (which is normally mean) everyone jumps on the bandwagon. i wanna see how these people who are being mean, sing on live as good as olivia

  5. Those tiktoks comments make it seem like there are some troll farms hired to exactly do that, that's suspiciously too much to be simple swarm thought.

  6. As a fan who was there live. It was the best performance at that daytime stage and i think she did amazing. We all felt the passion behind the words and loved every second of it. That part where her voice “ breaks” i didn’t even hear it live and pretty sure it’s because she BENT DOWN. Like how can anyone not have a voice break when they powerfully bend down like that ? Loved it either way ❤️‍🔥

  7. The “intentional” mispitch part makes sense and more if it was on the last performance. If 99% of the tiktok users (or whatever media they watched that video) didn’t watched the live performance they were going to watch the whole 20 minutes performance just for that part.

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