Viet Cong Tunnels and Traps – Platoon: The True Story

The Viet Cong created a network of tunnels in the Vietnamese jungle in order to evade the American forces, but how similar were they to tunnels as depicted in ...

50 thoughts on “Viet Cong Tunnels and Traps – Platoon: The True Story

  1. No no no,chúng tôi không còn những cái bẫy chết người này,hãy đến Việt Nam ăn bánh mì và uống 1 ly cà phê sữa đá,chúng tôi còn có phở 🍜. Xin hãy để chiến tranh lại phía sau .

  2. The American strategy to use B52 to drop the bomb in North Vietnam within 12 days. They were right but why not tried 2-3 more days the Vietcong would surrender. So no worries of rat tunnel or booby trap.
    And there were no such thing being suffered the syndrome of Vietnam war from generation to next generation. We have wasted a lot of money, Human Resources…. Because of communism. Not worthy of them!!! They were inhuman right.

  3. When I went to Vietnam we had a personal tour guide and he said “us Vietnamese men would fit great in these tunnels because we were small, but Americans were big and fat so they could not fit” funniest shit I’ve ever heard

  4. I think that, once we were committed, the best thing we should have done to win the war in Vietnam was to have
    1. Avoided the McNamara focus of attrition/body counts
    2. Send forces over the border in Cambodia and Laos (early in the war and constantly) to hit them in their unprotected areas (where they didn't expect us)
    3. Should have kept pressure on Hanoi b/c the moment you stopped the bombing in the North, those guns and people went south

  5. I read over 4,200 tunnels,
    I really don't think anybody can show enough history in a 3 minute video,

    Also forgot to mentioned tunnels were around during the war with the French,

    Good thing books existing and not just YouTube

  6. We love tactics and go behind of enemy through tunnel tactics and guerrilla tactics, which cut off enemy's military camping and military base. We never like fighting war from front battlefield. Front battlefield was existing on large risk.

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