Video Games Linked To Recent School Shootings... Is It Fair? My Thoughts.

Video Games Linked To Recent School Shootings… Is It Fair? My Thoughts.

Politicians, are once again, wasting no time blaming video games for the Valentine’s Day shootings in Florida which left 17 dead at a high school near Boca Raton.

During a radio interview, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin blamed video games for creating a “culture of death” and argued that these games are “. . . garbage. It’s the same as pornography. They have desensitized people to the value of human life, to the dignity of women, to the dignity of human decency. We’re reaping what we’ve sown here.” This politician is mimicking the rhetoric of a small vocal minority of video game researchers who have been blaming video games for school shootings and other horrific acts of violence for decades.

With little to no evidence they have testified before congress claiming “. . . an estimated 10 percent to 30 percent of violence in society can be attributed to the impact of violent media.” Published op-eds declaring “Controlling the use of violent video games is one step we can take to protect our society from violence.” And even claiming that the public health risk of violent video games is comparable to that of smoking and lung cancer. The problem is such fear mongering provides politicians with a red herring to hide behind while avoiding addressing the real issues related to violence.



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  1. Blaming videogames for violence is a joke, if something they are useful to blow off steam and express natural violence in a safe way.
    On the other hand hip hop is not fiction like videogames, gangsta rap was not a movie, it was made by actual criminals lionizing their character. It's a real culture that can influence people with peer pressure and status symbols.

  2. I've been playing WAAAAAAY too much DOOM recently, and I live in one of the most SJW infested cities on the planet, and I can confidently say that as much as I hate SJWs and also love violently murdering demons in DOOM, I would never come close to even considering going on a shooting spree.

  3. What about movies? What about superhero movies. A bunch people running around in slpandex punching criminals. That might encourage me to put myself in danger and fight crime.
    What about action movies? The latest Mission impossible movie gave me this great idea for some terrorism.
    Jeez man just let me have my fun.

  4. Its not video games alone. Its kids with parents or lack of parents, that fail to lead their children in the right direction. Killing on video games helps to desensitize killing. But the video game by itself doesn't cause it no more than a gun shoots itself.

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