UnderGround Cities/Military, FEMA, & NWO

1 of the World largest underground city's. I can tell you that what was filmed in this video is NOT EVEN HALF of this Facility. I can Also tell you that it's NOT JUST ...

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  1. This looks like a well organized and friendly mining facility. Looking back at the 1950s and 60s and 70s, things have done some changing for humility of people. As for the airport thing I was hearing about, somebody should get a seismograph and see what aircraft vibration and ground vibration look like. That would basically say it right there. It would be simple for a seismograph to be able to feel it as the airport does vibrate with planes flying around. A seismograph has the sensitivity to be able to feel what ground vibration feels like and it would have a special signature about it. The idea would be to get to a solid ground area, do that, and then the building, and then aircraft. However it is done, it is simply plain vibration and building vibration. Looking at the materials that they made the airport from we would be able to show that all of that is regular stuff. I like the video and thank you for the tour. This was simply looking at some of the tunneling things people chat about, and was wanting to be able to help that somebody was going to get some thing and go look. It's a neat thing to do, that it was the regular stuff happening, that type of stuff does help with areas around.

  2. Well this is scary. I barely like driving in a parking garage, but this tunnel/cave situation. Odd. So this is made for traffic to pass through, as well as for, whoever to go to their, place of work?

  3. I’m sure you already know this too and I pray that people throughout the world will wake up and see what’s really going on around us but all of these tunnels and passageways and like what you were seeing here they are all throughout the world and they’re not just there for looks or just to get from one place to another. The government is involved and they are the ones who had it built and they have many different reasons which are all dark and sinister and it is not for any people that is outside of the government and it is not for the benefit of people or any purpose under heaven and on earth to benefit anyone but those who are serving Satan. And everything that I am saying here is truth and if you do your research and you probably already have and you probably already know this and maybe more than I know. But all of these places are being built and created for one reason, that they know that something big is coming and they know that Satan and evil forces have informed them and have prepared them to build these places because the day is coming when Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth and he is going to put an end to all those who have turned against the Lord and they think that these places will hide them and protect them but what they fail to realize is that no mountain and no tunnel and no place on earth will protect them from the wrath of God. And Satan has filled their heads with this garbage thinking that they will be protected and they can hide in these tunnels and they can hide underground but that is a lie from hell because nothing and no one will protect people nor protect this earth from the wrath of God when the Lord Jesus returns and justice is done and judgment day is coming soon because the day is coming and it’s coming very soon when the Lord is going to return and everyone who has turned against the Lord will perish and will be cast into the lake of fire.

    Also yes there is a new world order that they have been planning and they have actually gotten the started before now and it is in other countries and more and more it is becoming evident and Bible prophecy teaches us that the United States of America will not be a part of that New World order and it may look like we will be now but we will not because God‘s word is perfect and true and we will not be a part of the New World order here in America. America will not be under the full reign of the antichrist when the antichrist comes on the scene and Israel and there are a couple other nations that will not be under the full reign nor part of the New World order As well. And this is all in the Bible and it is in Bible prophecy’s. Also these tunnels are being created and there are, yes there are cities under these tunnels and there are businesses and their own living quarters under these in these tunnels. Because those who have turned to darkness instead of light and instead of turning to Jesus Christ, they believe they can escape all of the destruction and wrap that is coming to those who have turned against the Lord and they are actually crazy enough to believe that they will steal have a ternal life without going through Jesus Christ and that is a lie from hell and from Satan because the only way to have eternal life and to escape being thrown in the lake of fire for all eternity is to seek the Lord Jesus Christ and live and walk daily in Jesus. Yes I’m putting all of this here because this is very real and people need to wake up throughout the world and throughout the countries and nations. Jesus is very real and he died on the cross for us all. And there are only two places that you go either heaven with Jesus or h hell and I for one do not want to be in Hell nor see anyone else go to hell

    They actually believe that they can hide and be safe in these places but these places will be crumbled like ashes in the win when Jesus returns. They are creating these places for themselves to hide in and it is not to help humanity and it is not to help humans it is not to help people who are living for the Lord and it is not to help anyone except those in the government and those who are living for Satan does in high places like the deep state or the illuminati whatever you want to call him. But these places are real and yes Denver Colorado is supposed to be one of the main places that has a huge tunnel and that horse that is out front in Colorado is supposed to symbolize something of Satan and you can do your research on that as well. Let me share with you if you want to learn more about Bible prophecies you can watch it on YouTube every day or through Facebook and you can reach out to their website at a Endtime Ministries. God has anointed them with his spirit to teach Bible prophecies and everything is backed up by Bible scriptures. Be careful what you stumble across on because these people that are creating these tunnels and boats and governments and those in the illuminati and those in secret societies in organizations they are among us and there are people called shadow people and there are very demonic and dark forces that are among us and be careful what you stumble across and research and especially post because they will come after you and they will come after your family. Do not live in fear but Be cautious. But at the same time and most importantly get yourself and your heart right with the Lord if it’s not already and spread the gospel and help pray for others. And be ready for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us. Because all of these people that are doing these evil and wicked things, they are going to Paris in the lake of fire unless they turn to the Lord Jesus Christ now before he returns and gets right with the Lord and every person must be born again and baptized in Jesus name and receive the Holy Ghost in order to see the kingdom and there is no other way.

  4. Finally people were posted in good stuff but yes there's a tunnel system all over the United States mainly on these coast and it matches up with missing people cases too.

  5. This shows how stupid people are. This place is literally open to the public and has a bunch of local businesses in here. This isn’t a bunker for the elite at all – it’s amazing what a little research will uncover.

  6. We need to come to together and fight da government they don't care about nun of us and they make it seem like it black against White
    That how they keep the lights off them they poison the food we eat everyday

  7. I will tell u what these are all about
    These are gates to another planets …where normal people "no aliens" lives
    By the way they control USA and the world….no ufo in sky….just tunnels lead to another lands….did u get it ?

  8. Listen to the guy he talks to in the end! Break in down very slowly word for word. She even pointed out a small thing he said “they will give you hell”. I do not belive the man he spoke to was was human. And meant what he said literally. Seriously go pay super close attention to what the man say. And the language differences and possibly more. I believe he mixes other languages with English. The problem is the other words he uses are not Urdu Dari Hindi etc I have checked with 23 different people. Think what you want.

  9. Cabal no longer in power ,since 2011 military are getting rid of them , that's why the host can now show us the tunnel , otherwise he couldn't show the tunnels if cabal still in power.

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