Posted on: January 13, 2021 Posted by: Bunny Guinness Comments: 31
Two Tiny Town Gardens: Making MAX use of space
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Bunny re-visits two small gardens that she designed some years ago sharing her top design tips for making the very most of small spaces.



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  1. Such a joy taking in the essence of horticultural and architectural design from you Ms. Bunny! I appreciate you sharing your thought process in remedying challenging spaces; thereby creating magical 'rooms' your clients/friends enjoy for years to come! I am currently in the tech business but passionately desire to be a landscape architect. Once I become more stable financially, I will eventually take the leap. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love your instincts and inventiveness Bunny…the way you get an idea, and run with it. The trompe l'oeil garden mural is amazing, and the garden with the pergola constructions dramatizes and utilizes what could have been just a small back garden. People often forget that 'hard landscaping' forms the back bone of a garden, and I like the way you emphasize strongly this important aspect – which showcases beautiful planting.

  3. Hi! These are some really smart solutions for creating gorgeous spaces! Loving all your videos but I’m truly amazed and inspired by these 2 examples. Looking for a new home with some garden to enjoy and all your tips are gold! 🙏🙏 Thanks so much for being so generous with your knowledge and experience. 🤗

  4. Great to see the gardens you designed so long ago have been maintained so well and are maturing beautifully. Built-in seating is a real added bonus. I love the way you have transformed these small courtyard gardens into real gardens with usable space.

  5. I learn so much from you and look forward to your videos. Q. The soil in my large containers lose several inches of soil from spring – fall and the plant/shrub lowers within the pot too sometimes 6 inches or more. How do I maintain the plants proper height and soil level? Thank you again for a wonderful video today and your inspiration

  6. Thank you for showcasing these smaller spaces. What would normally be a patch of lawn edged with a boring, rectangular, narrow border, you have brought in interest and architecture and layers. So inspiring.

  7. I love what you did with both these tiny gardens.
    The 'Venice' garden is amazing!
    Especially with tiny gardens, good garden design becomes scenography.

    Your idea with that glass roof/floor would be a win-win solution.
    I assume you would mount it with a slight inclination, to lead rain away from the house?
    Would it be an idea to run a strip of gauzy cloth underneath the glass floor,
    like a visual 'gangway'?
    I would perhaps, psychologically, prefer to step out onto at least a frosted 'path'

    rather than a completely opaque 'void'.
    // Ingela

  8. Ms. Bunny, you've done an excellent job, designing this place. I can't wait to see more of your work. I'd love to see some tutorials, as I really enjoy how in-depth you explain things. Thank you!

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