TURMERIC CHICKEN AND RICE CASSEROLE | easy & healthy dinner recipe

TURMERIC CHICKEN AND RICE CASSEROLE | easy & healthy dinner recipe

A chicken and rice casserole with a healthy, turmeric twist! It’s just what you need for an all-in-one easy dinner that’s got a ton of …


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  1. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but it looked surprisingly like your casserole! I added curry, and maybe it was the wrong thing to add. It had a little “sour” taste I couldn’t quite figure out. I love your recipes and shouldn’t go out on my own, but that coconut milk made me do it!!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that this casserole recipe doesn't use cheese. I have no problem with cheese, and we definitely eat it in my house, but sometimes I just want a nice casserole dish that's full of wholesome veggies and carbs, and not loaded with cheese. Already have this on my menu to eat this week – can't wait to try it!

    One question: (as I've never worked with turmeric) does it not stain your pan that it's cooked in (both skillet and casserole dish)?

  3. Hi everyone. I cooked this dish 10 days ago and must confess it didn't work 👎 – rice turned out uncooked as well as chicken, especially as I add another 30 mins to cook in the oven.
    If I'm going to cook this dish in a future I'll probably cook rice beforehand and cut the chicken in bite size to make sure it will cook all the way through.
    A bit disappointed in this recipe 👎👎👎

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