"Transracial" Woman Rachel Dolezal Has A New Netflix Special (TRAILER REACTION)

“Transracial” Woman Rachel Dolezal Has A New Netflix Special (TRAILER REACTION)

Self-described “transracial” Rachel Dolezal now has a documentary, coming out April 27 on Netflix. Dolezal resigned as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, in 2015 amid a furor over racial identity that erupted when her parents said she had been posing as black for years when she is actually white.

The film, which Netflix describes as an “intimate documentary,” is called “The Rachel Divide.”

Vulture.com has a first look at a trailer for the documentary, and it shows Dolezal and one of her sons. Filmmaker Laura Brownson spent two years following Dolezal and her two sons, Vulture reports. The documentary is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before appearing on Netflix. Read the full Vulture report here.

In the trailer, her son says, “I resent some of her choices, and I resent some of the words she’s spoken in interviews.

“She can identify whatever she wants to be because it’s her business,” her son says. “But when it’s put in the limelight, I don’t think you should be pissing people off more than they already are…”





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Watch the Exclusive First Clip for the Rachel Dolezal Documentary

The Rachel Divide | Clip [HD] | Netflix

Now Rachel Dolezal has a documentary. And her son isn’t happy.

Outrage as infamous race-faker Rachel Dolezal is given her own Netflix documentary – which features her own son begging her to stop seeking publicity

Rachel Dolezal The NAACP Leader Outed As WHITE By Her Parents


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  1. You guys do realize its the EXACT same thing as being transgender, right? Born in the wrong body, born with the wrong organ. Just like genitals, your skin is an organ. When your outside doesnt reflect your inside. Yet one is forced to be accepted by society and the other is a hate crime? Yeah more people DO need to be institutionalized. The people who see those as two different things.

  2. Hi my name is Barbara I just watch the video I have so much compassion for this young lady I know she has a book I’m thinking about getting her but I think we should embrace her and love everyone’s looking at just one thing about her but you have not listen to the whole story I I want Rachel to know that I am praying for her I have so much compassion hang in there

  3. I think you are being very nice and respectable, and I do really appreciate that. But in my opinion you are a bit too nice 😉
    She is not the first or the last woman how thinks/ pretends to be black. BUT, being head of NAACP and pretending AND LYING about her race??? `come on, that is harmful and very deceiving. She pretends in the documentary also not to lie, but she does ON camera several times. About her race and who her parents are, and she keeps denying that fact.
    making mistakes is 1, but not admitting to it is disgusting!
    Transrace, is something a white person should never EVER dare to mention. The unbelievable arrogance to do that. Than you really don't understand ANYTHING about racism and the more reason you should be involved in the NAACP or anything! The kids are poor victims and what I saw amazing guys, and wish the best to them. Feel so sorry for them, my heart brakes for them being dragged and USED in her games..

  4. I did not realize this (transracial) was a thing. If someone want to be someone else than cool, whatever floats your boat. The main thing I think about this as well as many things is she is free to do what she feels until it infringes on the rights of others. Is what she is doing infringe on others rights? I think that her resurfacing this will continue to have unintended consequences on those around her, mainly her children. I truly feel for the son in the video as he sees the extended results of her actions that she either can't see or refuses to see.

    Lastly great video as always.

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