Traitor – Olivia Rodrigo (Live from the iHeart Radio Daytime Stage)


39 thoughts on “Traitor – Olivia Rodrigo (Live from the iHeart Radio Daytime Stage)

  1. why are so many people saying she sounds bad in this? i know that this is an opinion statement but please listen to my opinion…
    voice cracks are very normal for singers, even famous and more advanced singers today. voice cracks can also show emotion and feeling. nobody is perfect and Olivia getting this much hate just for something natural in our bodies is just awful. everyone does it, singers, even when you’re out of breath while talking. she put effort into this and she’ll get better as the years go by if you really don’t think she’s good. practice is a good thing and you can get better at anything with practice.

  2. Thanks for sharing. If you have a second, I'm an indie pop singer and I have shared a new original music video on my page. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd check it out. Hope you enjoy!

  3. she’s so talented i’m so proud of her , i hate how people hate her bcs she “ made a full album abt her ex “ which is def not true some of these songs she already made before.

  4. The reason she is out of breath is because she’s breathing with her chest instead of her abdomen. That’s really important for singing. You don’t get enough breath from your chest. This coming from a professional singer/songwriter, I can say it truthfully. It’s also why she has more voice cracks and why she is a little more pitchy , And is why she has harder times hitting high notes.

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