Top 15 monopoly stocks in India | Monopoly Stocks- Part 2

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29 thoughts on “Top 15 monopoly stocks in India | Monopoly Stocks- Part 2

  1. Sir your presentation is awesome…. just a request… that please don't stress too much on PE… it is theoretical to have PE below 20…. Good shares will always have a high PE and command premium valuation….

  2. Hi Sahil, i used to watch your videos. Real sincere efforts you put for every single video was ultimate. The subject, the depth of analysis, the way you present it to the viewers… everything was in different level & outstanding. Keep going. May God bless you.

  3. Thanks gentleman. It gives me some sence of solace that I have already invested in 4 of your monopoly stocks. Rest 10 are out of my financial reach. Thinking of investing in the one still left out.

  4. Really superb work, you are providing great content and information to all of us people. Let us all grow together. Your videos are insightful.
    I appreciate you and your teams work.
    Thank u

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