Top 10 Worst PR Mistakes Made By Companies

Top 10 Worst PR Mistakes Made By Companies Some companies have amazing products, but they don't always have amazing PR. Sometimes they make ...

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst PR Mistakes Made By Companies

  1. I don’t get the McDonalds one…..we are moving on from promoting Africa as a continent of war and famine, so what was the issue. My only issues is that McDonald’s don’t have a heavy presence on the continent like KFC or Burger King, so why are they trying to profit off the continent in that respect.

  2. For example with the "KKK Group" yeah its stupid as hell and a 8th grader could have likely foreseen the outcome, however why even acknowledge the KKK? Theyre a hate group, the shouldnt even have the right to the acronym tbh

  3. Popular speech rarely needs protection. Unpopular speech is what needs to be protected. Minority views must be given more respect, not less. Context TV should be supporting free speech, not trying to curtail it.

  4. This is why it is important to think from various perspectives before deciding to launch a PR campaign. Sometimes, we may be too comfortable in our own shoes that we forgo the fact that our actions, if not done appropriately, will cause a ripple of negative reactions. This video has taught us lessons that should not be repeated as PR practitioners and hopefully, history will not repeat itself again.

  5. I agreed with the content. One of the functions of Public Relations is to maintain the brand reputation if they make such a mistake, it might ruin the relationship between the organizational and the stakeholders. Hence, all Public Relations should take note of it.

  6. I agreed with the content. As a PR practitioner should not do this kind of mistakes. It might ruin the relationship with the client and organization. I really learn a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad to know all these bad examples of PR. It tought me what's bad to a PR in building brand image. These examples will be reminder for all the PR practitioners to not repeat the same mistakes again.

  8. Bringing this up is a quite good action because Public Relations can get to know what to improve and how to prevent all of these mistakes that has made. Before I step into PR world, I get to learn what is good to the public. Maybe this is a good way to improve my public relations skill too.

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