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submechanophobia We've talked about some of the scariest submerged animatronics last year, now let's talk about even more of them. Fastpass Facts ...

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  1. look, i was constantly going to the Cleveland Zoo as a kid and i swear to god that croc had lit eyes and you could barely see it from above in the fog machine effects and i refused to go back to that entire area for so long i thought my mind had actually made it up?

  2. In a dream I had I was walking a pathway over viewing water and a giant whale came out and since I have severe aubmechanaphobia it was really scary especially when it was dragging me in

  3. Another way you can defeat the kappa is by knocking them over to spill the water from inside they're head, if you choose to refill the water you can keep them as a slave. Japanese mythology is certainly funky

  4. One day I visited a place with my mom and brother (I was 7 years old) and we went to the King Kong ride / experience and it was hella scary, like I felt like a tiny birb compared to it but kind of fun. But I'm still scarred for life.


  5. OMG THE SHARK VOYAGE FROM DOWNTOWN AQUARIUM!! I remember going on that ride for the first time as a kid. If you’re a little kid and it’s your first time on the train, it’s so much fun by the shark animatronic is a complete surprise. The train is advertised as a brief tour of part of the park and of course the shark tunnel like you mentioned. It’s p much the only way to see big sharks at the aquarium. They even have this huuuuuuge saw shark she’s so beautiful.

    Anyway, the whole ride is narrated by this automated voice playing on the speakers above your seats. As you enter and sit in the shark tunnel, the voice tells you about all the different types of sharks in the tank. It mentions that they used to have a great white shark, but it escaped after like this flood or something and now they can’t find it. And then the ride/tour is continuing as usual and you think it’s ending and THATS when you get that jump scare of the burst of water and the great white shark jumps out of the water. When I was little, the animatronic looked more like the picture you showed at the beginning, but they’ve updated it since then. I personally think the older version was wayyy scarier, but the newer version has that bright red paint dripping from its teeth, which is actually p dark for how family friendly the rest of the park is. I actually went back to that aquarium and that ride this past august just for nostalgia. I noticed that they’ve updated the great white shark’s escape story too. Instead of it escaping during a random flood, now the story goes that it got out specifically during Hurricane Harvey. It was cute seeing little kids on the train for their first time just like how I once rode it.

    Thank you for including the shark train voyage! Made my heart so happy

  6. I study orcas, have for 24 years. I would LOVE that animatronic on my property be in a pond or beside a pool. I am in love with it, and the size just makes it even better. Life size orca statues, animatronics, etc are the BESSTTTT

  7. The kappa creeps me out. With the skinny arms a nd long fingers😲😲😲😵😵😵 I do find it dunny that it has to keep a bowl full of water on its head and can't spill any. Thats silly

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