Top 10 SCARIEST Underwater Animatronics – Submechanophobia

submechanophobia The fear of submerged machines is real. And we're gonna take a closer look at them. Patreon Link: ...

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    The crocodile footage at 1:14 is by YouTube user neon- flamingo, not Coaster Who. That was an accidental mislabeling on my part.

  2. I was on a ride at disney when i was 7 it had an alligator but im not sure the name and the ride broke down while the robot alligator was 2 feet away from me and i was screaming for 10 minutes hugging my mom

  3. Some people said other comments we're stolen or getting copied. The real reason is: Theres 50% or moreor above percent that they copied and theres 98% or more or above percent that people jjust having the same idea

  4. Yeah, as a lot of people said, I don’t mind them being there when I’m on something, but if im swimming with an underwater animatronic i’d FREAK out even if it wasn’t moving or working

  5. I've been on the Jurassic Boat! It was scary for me because I was very young I was crying most of the time, due to the animatronic in the water. If you ever get the chance to go on the ride I would recommend it!

  6. As a person who lives in the netherlands i go a lot of times to the Efteling. And if im there i will refuse to go on the fata morgana, i would rather go on the baron

  7. the jaws ride at universal was my favorite ride and still is to this day, there's a exhibit where there's a hanging shark that you can take pictures with. i still have a toy shark from when I went there

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