Top 10 Dark Things Caught On Google Maps

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Dark Things Caught On Google Maps

  1. Dude, there's nothing at all creepy or Satanic about the star. And it IS a star, NOT a pentagram. It's located in the former Soviet Union, and back then that star was made to represent the Red Star of Russia, their national symbol. They stopped taking care of it and the coloring has all faded out of it.

  2. That clip at the beginning is from an absolutely hilarious video called, "If Google Were a Person" from College Humor(I think). Love that you guys know about it! And number 8 is indeed a dog laying by his owner on a dock, the "blood stain" is just discoloration from the water splashing the dock.

  3. The red lake could also be caused by certain types of red algae, if it’s not photoshopped!!

    Lakes and portions of the oceans do occasionally turn blood red because of certain types of red algae bloom

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