TikToks That Made Kanye West Go East

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44 thoughts on “TikToks That Made Kanye West Go East

  1. Not the rat man in Washington square park 😩 if you don’t know, it’s a park in Manhattan at the center of NYU’s campus and it’s an awesome little park – very busy on nice days – that park has also seen some weird stuff 😂 you mostly see some performers or the nice lady who sells pin buttons, or that one time I caught TXT filming (celebs are common in the area) buuut you do occasionally see a rat man lmaooo

  2. because of devious licks, my school shut all bathrooms down and plopped some portable toilets in the middle of campus and was like "lol good luck ya'll". i'm waiting for someone to steal the entire thing

  3. How do you not get Quannah's outfit hers makes the most sense. If I'm remembering correctly it's made by native fabrics and with native inspired beads and design, she's Lakota. She is America more than anyone else there.

  4. Ok but does everybody just think this devious licks thing is fine? Because you realize it is costing thousands of dollars of dollars that come from our taxes. Like the people that did this are going to end up paying for it in the future through the raided taxes they gonna need to make up for it.

  5. the devious lick is fr one of the stupidest things y'all have come up with tho, lots of supplies in classrooms especially are paid for out of your underpaid teachers own pocket because schools are underfunded but they still want what's best for you. grow up

  6. The tiktok challenge is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Like "yeah, let's all go commit crimes because people on the internet said it would be cool!" This is getting to the level of that one whale challenge that was popular for really depressed people.

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