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Three Spot-On Tips to Find Perfect Gifts for Men

Finding perfect gifts for men is less troublesome than finding great gift ideas for women. We, men, are not very hard to please–with a few exceptions, as I have observed. If you are dating a guy right now or are currently in a relationship, you can spice it up a bit by giving him presents from time to time. Trust me, great gifts for him are within your arm’s reach.

Let me share with you, then, some of my personal observations about male behavior and give you some suggestions on what some of the best gifts for men are. To your guy, any one of these suggestions can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Read on for some creative gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Show Him You Are Happy with Him

Observation #1: Guys go nuts over a girl’s smile, especially if the girl is the apple of his eye, the object of his affection. As a nonverbal signal, your smile can mean several things to him. Yet, you will be amazed at the crazy things that men do just to make their girls smile.

A smile can gesture a woman’s approval of something that you did. Or, it could signal happiness. I suppose men today have never really given up chivalry completely, what with all the things they’d do to please their women and gain their favor in the form of a woman’s sweet smile. A woman’s smile (as a sign of her happiness for him) is still one of the best gifts for men today.

A friend of mine used to show me a pocket-size studio-shot photo of his girlfriend and him. He was practically bragging to me about her and he kept referring to the sweet, happy smile on her face on the photo. Her smile on the photo also made him smile each time he looked at it. To my friend, his girlfriend’s sweet smile caught on photo while she sat beside him was a surefire sign of her happiness for their relationship.

The guy still keeps the photo in his wallet as a memento of “those happy times” when they were still together. They broke up late last year. But, let’s leave that story for another day.

Moral of the story: give the gift of your sweetest smile. Your guy will go crazy over it. Capture your sweet, smile-filled moments together, and give him copies of the photos. That’s the gift of a happy memory–simply one of the often-forgotten but perfect gifts for men.

First His Stomach, Then His Heart

Observation #2: The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is not yet passé, mind you. If you have culinary skills, cook up something delicious for him from time to time. If you and your kitchen are enemies, then at least show him your refined gastronomic taste. Eat out at some fancy restaurant once in a while, and pay for the bill once in a while. Food still is one of the best gifts for men even in these fast-paced times.

To touch a man’s heart through his stomach doesn’t necessarily mean thoughts of caviar, or expensive wine, or some exotic and expensive dish. Another friend of mine, for instance, enjoys the deep-fried chicken that his girlfriend cooks for him from time to time. Fried chicken is so ordinary, I know. But, his girlfriend has a secret marinade that she vowed never to share to anyone.

Until today, that secret marinade remains under lock and key, but I suspect it’s just primarily soy sauce, basil leaves, vinegar, and lemon juice. Yet, that simplistic and common marinade gives her fried chicken the taste that makes her man drool.

Moral of the story: feed your man something delicious and satisfying, especially after a hard day’s work. Why waste time to find great gifts for him when you can do it with food?

Keeping Him Active and Fit

Observation #3: Most men live active lives. Young men and those who are in their prime usually crave for excitement and adventure. That is why many men play sports, go on outdoor adventures, or entertain themselves with video games.

If your boyfriend has typical cravings for fun and active adventures, finding the best gift for him shouldn’t be a problem. One starting point would be to know what sport he plays and how deeply he is into it. Then, find something to help him enjoy the sport much better, or to perform better in that sport.

Or, you can try inviting him to an outdoor adventure trip away from his usual game. If he’s into basketball, invite him to go rafting, skydiving, or snorkeling. That is, if you yourself are bold enough for the adventure. Now that’s a creative gift idea, isn’t it? Showing him that you can be as strong and bold as he is can be one of your great gifts for him.

You can also help your man stay physically fit and perform optimally in his sport. For runners and athletes, consider giving a heart rate monitor watch that they can use to track their cardiovascular fitness and to reach their fitness training goals.

As I’ve said at the start, the suggestions above can be perfect gifts for men for whatever special occasion you can think of. But, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to come along before you can give such great gifts for him. To sum up, based on my three observations, the best gifts for men are creative gifts that make them believe you are happy with them, great gift ideas that satisfy their hungry stomachs, and special gifts that engage their active lifestyle.

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