This Is The Story Behind A Secret Underwater Town In Texas

This is the story behind a secret underwater town in Texas. We take a look at this secret underwater town in Texas. In Central Texas there is a lake known as ...

24 thoughts on “This Is The Story Behind A Secret Underwater Town In Texas

  1. according to the tvs how does kids are real and called BLACKEYEKIDS> You show never invite them in your car or home.People how encounter them say they was afraid for their lifes.

  2. Canyon Lake is the site of an old town too. I have several friends who dived down there, and there are old cars, buildings and weird stuff. They also told me that there are catfish the size of buses. It scared them so bad they wouldn't go back….

  3. What on Earth are you afraid of here? Answer your door, they are children. Maybe they are a nocturnal version of Ed McMahon or they could be selling Count Chocula cereal! Worse case scenario, you can't take a few kids if they break bad? I think this is hilarious.

  4. We got one of these in North Dakota too. There's a city at the bottom of Lake Sakakawea because of the Garrison dam. There also stories of a monster catfish in that lake as well.

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