They LIED To Me?! - The San Martin Watches Dilemma

They LIED To Me?! – The San Martin Watches Dilemma

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  1. I honestly don’t understand the hate…..they are what they are. Unlike lower and middle tier Swiss watches which would like you to think that every part of the watch is made in the Swiss alps and sprinkled with pixie dust. How do you think the Chinese brands are so easily able to scale up and put out a well finished product at a very reasonable price? Well that’s because they are already making cases, crystals, straps, etc. for the Swiss. My only concern is value retention but at these prices it is a little easier to live with.

  2. I believe we should start recovering the word homage to what it really is and call these watches design copies or similar. I personally am comfortable with design copies and reserve the word "homage" to real homages of the like of Christopher Ward, Lorier or Traska to put some examples.

  3. I have 3 San Martin watches. I really like all three. I bought a bronze type a flieger because I wanted to play around with bronze for patina, it's a great watch. I then bought a titanium type a flieger as a gift for my brother. Both of them have NH35 movements, and both are outstanding watches.
    I received a free San Martin for liking and commenting on one of their videos. It has the same case as the SN029-G that you have but with a black type a flieger dial. I think it is the best of the 3. The one you are showing may look like a Unimatic, but because of the flieger dial the one I have doesn't. I will gift it to my nephew, giving a high school kid an automatic watch should give him the bug early.
    I am impressed with the the build quality of San Martin watches. All 3 watches are as good as any Seiko I own. (and that's quite a few.) I have taken the back off of my bronze flieger, and I noticed that it used a metal movement holder. Finding a metal movement holder on a watch that at the time cost $115 is a pleasant surprise. Seiko doesn't do that, even Cartier uses plastic movement holders.
    I also like the customer service. I've never had any problems with any of their watches, and the shipping was prompt. I received all 3 watches within 2 weeks.
    Of all the watches I own, I would say that the San Martin company builds the best watches dollar for dollar. My Tudor is a much better watch with better build quality, but I could have bought 15 San Martins for the same price.

  4. I grabbed a SM sub homage because the gradient blue MOP dial is gorgeous. The specs are better than anything Seiko or even Orient offer at under $200. I can actually wear it on the job, going into dicey areas, and not have to worry about it…like I do my Swiss pieces (and no, I'm not springing for a Rolex Sub in this lifetime).

  5. I can live with 'default' or 'bland' font choices. I despair at the likes of Seiko that are happy to put 5 different fonts of differing sizes and colours on a dial. Less is more on a dial. I don't need the specs on the dial as I bought it! They can look like those shopping lists down the side of a boy racer car.

  6. My problem with san martin is the price , there is a limit to how much you wanna pay for a Chinese NH35 watch , you get to a point where you start thinking why would I buy this when I could buy a Hamilton or a Tissot , there is only so far you can push good specs and extras like sapphire crystals and ceramic bezels and good quality finishing and you get to a price point where those things are standard anyway.

  7. Don't be too hard on San Martin, Ben. They're a younger business who NEED to make revenue and profits in order to keep expanding. So that means making models that sell – and the consumer wants copycats. Why deny the customer what they want?

    As they expand I fully expect a much more robust range of offerings.

  8. This looks like a 'disguised ' reclame of San Martin watches, I know reviewers must win money with their videos but…come on,we are not stupid 😤! A honest reviewer would say 'San Martin makes good watches with low end movements, but are extremely expensive and if you have the bad luck on getting a defect watch they make it very,very difficult to solve your problem ' the fact that they do mostly homages is not a problem for me.

  9. I think with San Martin's high quality control, they should go in the direction of paying homage to discontinued watches that no longer available but high in demand. That the kind of direction this company should go. I'm sure everyone will like it so much. There are quite a number of old watches from luxury brand that no longer selling and San Martin is the only one who seem capable enough to replicate those old models in super high quality and selling them at a low price.

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