The WEIRDEST Pop Song Intro of All Time

The WEIRDEST Pop Song Intro of All Time

Is this the weirdest pop song intro ever? In this video I answer that question. 50% OFF EVERYTHING SALE: 50% OFF The Beato …


Written by Rick Beato

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  1. One of my favourite bands and covered quite a bit by my favourite band of session musicians, here in the UK, Be Sharp. So much going on, and always such a distinctive sound. Great de-construction and phenomenal playing as always, Rick. I can't play guitar but I still enjoy this a lot.

  2. I've always liked Here She Comes by the Beach Boys (Carl & The Passions, 1972). Not a very famous or stand-out song in their catalogue, but the intro (mainly bas, drums and piano) makes it interesting. It describes the setting and plays with your expectations, and sounds like and optimistic beginning of a day, but then the singing starts and suddenly the song is in in a different gear. It's like a car taking a sharp corner and suddenly you find yourself in a different street, a different world.

  3. I was really curious, what it was. But really, if not Steely Dan, I might have expected perhaps Lee Ritenour or maybe Larry Carlton (the usual suspects) , (Ah Video is at 4:40 – and there he is – Larry Carlton). Back in the late 70´s when we listened to their records and learned the simple minor 7 and major seven 9 Chords, we soon became the first Punk band playing Jazz😄

  4. Well, if you will allow a strictly musical comment, E-D to F#-C# do relate to one another in a Medieval modal sense; it's like a cadence with two leading notes, a whole step up from E to F# and a half step (semitone) down from D to C#. Quite common back in those veery early days (that' s why it sounds so cool!).

  5. I saw a reaction video on Josie. It was a hip-hop aficionado who at that time was doing a series of Steely Dan pieces, and he said, "I recognize this, but can't think of where." One commenter identified it as the underscore to Wiz Khalifa's Old Chanel–the first five notes/chords of this Josie intro played slower and repeatedly, but still very identifiable. I guess not a sample, but a remake.

  6. “Doesn’t really [connect]…just sounds cool.” We need more of that in today’s music!!!
    You do not get told often enough (I know because you couldn’t) what a great musician/player/teacher you are … you are!!!
    After disco digging into the studios , I imagine that these cats were just ready to play out of their tree… and Steely Dan opened up the window. I often wonder how much “writing” went on in the studios by the elite musicians…I have been there to see it happen … frequently.

  7. My wife and I were lucky to see bassist Chuck Rainey and percussionist Victor Feldman as part of the Hoops McCann Band of Steely Dan session cats at Gresham, Oregon's first Mt. Hood Jazz Festival on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon on Aug. 7, 1982. Producer Gary Katz was there as well. Closest we came to a Steely Dan concert since we first saw them in April 1974 at the U. of Toledo.

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