The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you ...

35 thoughts on “The Story of Bottled Water

  1. Pretty sure the "Well water" my house uses is much dirtier and unhealthy than bottled water. Some of us don't get a choice, but I like to refill my Gallon jugs and bottles.

  2. What application does this channel use to create these AMAZING AND ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT animated videos. I want to create informational animated videos too but I'm not finding any good apps 🙁

  3. Sadly, people and animals inhale plastic particles everyday coming from single use plastics that we buy. We’re consumers and we have the great privilege of being able to choose who we buy from. Do some quick research and learn what companies are responsible for producing these horrible products, and stop buying from them

  4. They will drain our water resources and not just nestle and we will all be like California and forced to reduce our water and be forced to ration our water at times they are it will be like the song leave it and pass it on down from Alabama it's no safer maybe worse since they use tap water and no telling what they add and companies like nestle and they are from California alot of our bottled water companies and think about that

  5. An eye opener
    Just as advertiser's decive us by beautiful images we must convince our children not watch advertisement and tell they are selling poison that would harm them once convinced they would sincerely obey I have proof my children don't drink cola or preservatives laden tin food. This is the only way we can slowly defeat deciver

  6. Aunque si es verdad que las botellas de agua son contaminantes para el ambiente, también se puede defender el hecho de que no se hace el suficiente esfuerzo para poder reciclar estas botellas. Además de que se les podría dar un marketing de que estas las puedes reutilizar las botellas en casa, en vez de botarlas. También que la lógica de que el agua es gratis es cierta pero al mismo tiempo se ve que la gente prefiere consumir de una botella, ya que es más versátil y portátil.

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