The Secret Infrastructure Beneath NYC – Cheddar Explains

Above ground, it's a concrete jungle - centuries of buildings of all different shapes and kinds. But what about underground? We take you on a journey deep ...

24 thoughts on “The Secret Infrastructure Beneath NYC – Cheddar Explains

  1. It's pneu MATIC tubes not pneu MONIC!! Pneumatic as in pressurized air. Pneumoic tubes would carry pneumonia I guess or if they're mnemonic tubes, they would help you remember something. How does this error make it past all the layers of editing for a video like this???

  2. Interestingly, another video on the same channel that also deals with these steam pipes, because it is said that the Asbest comes into contact with the steam and does indeed get into the steam and the steam is released through it, the steam which is then used for washing dishes or in hospitals for medical Utensils for cleaning.

  3. Wow, the Post tubes are damn cool. You can still see some of them in the 80s films, and you've seen them in the Simpsons as well. I've always wondered whether they actually existed or not. And I think the idea is really cool. And why not? So between large buildings, you could do that with parcels by sending parcels underground, so to speak, I say from one packing station to the next or from one post office to the next post office and so on and so forth. Or it could also be in Amsterdam, where there is no special garbage day, but where you simply dump the garbage on the sidewalk in such large containers. And you could do the same with packages. Do, then the post office would no longer have to pick up the parcels from the mailbox, but rather the parcels. Automatically transported to a parcel center or no idea what or maybe directly to the destination.

  4. Here in the Netherlands we have something called the "Kabeloverleg", translates to the "Cable Meeting". Its a municipally controlled meeting / organisation / protocol for all stakeholders that work in the ground and includes all telecom network operators, water network operators, internet, electricity, sewage and transportation. Everything thats in the ground is meticulously planned out and registered in central databases that work on scales of up to a few centimeters.

  5. I don’t understand how like Manhattan for example, sits on about what a few feet of land and then there are pipes under that and that more pipes under that and then tunnels for subways and more tunnels under that? How is the land not collapsing on itself holding up tons and tons of building and car weight from the city, like I don’t understand that what the hell, how is that even possible? There is barely any land holding all of that up and then you have tunnels under them like how is all of it holding? And like what if one of those pipes in the ground jam or something, how the hell they gon get it fixed because of more shit on top of it?

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