The Remission Project

So what is the Remission Project? - And who founded it and why? Both of these are very good questions.

Today I'm going to share with you who founded the Remission Project and what it was really all about. The story may be a little different from what you have heard.

It all started with 4-time survivor of cancer, Ryan Hamner. Ryan was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5 and battled the disease until the age of 21. He ended up having a stem cell transplant in 1997 that put his cancer in remission for good!

However, it wasn't until years later that Hamner knew that the cancer was gone for good. The reason is because he never had gone past 6 years without having a recurrence of the disease.

Today Hamner lives a totally cancer free life, and although he has had some residual effects of treatment, he is very much healthy. He works out 4 to 5 times a week, has a black belt in Aiki jiu-jitsu and is the founder of 2survive; an online community for people affected by cancer. This is an organization for cancer survivors obviously, but also for friends, family and medical staff.

One of Ryan's favorite past times is music. He has played music and written music since the age of 13. In 2007, Hamner's career had a nice little kick-start after he landed his first commercial record deal. After that, Hamner was fortunate enough to open for bands such as Hot Chelle Rae, Thriving Ivory and others.

In 2010, Ryan decided he wanted to do something that impacted peoples' lives a bit more than just playing in bars, etc. So Ryan partnered with a video game for children with cancer and created the "Hear the Heart" tour.

The "Hear the Heart" tour would be instrumental in Ryan eventually laying out and founding the Remission Project. During this tour, Hamner performed at hospitals, clinics, Hope Lodges, children's camps and virtually any place that would have him. His message was simple. His message was hope!

Upon returning home from the tour in summer 2010, Hamner was inspired to take things to the next level. He sat down and first wrote the song, "Remission" (The Survivor's Anthem!) and then founded the Remission Project?

The project gained interest from several different local hospitals and organizations, but in the end didn't exactly go down the path Ryan had wanted.

So what was the project anyway? Well, the project was simple. The intent was to do nothing more than bring people affected by cancer together in an online community and through Ryan's music.

Today, Ryan operates 2survive, an online community and website that does just that. 2survive sends care packages to children with cancer, connects survivors of cancer with other survivors, offers health info from doctors, survivor stories and more. 2survive has become Ryan's new Remission Project. If you get the time, please check it out.


Source by Elvis Jackson Jr.

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