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I had an epiphany last night. There I was sitting in my den fretting unhappily about circumstances over which I had no control. It’s been awhile since I have been in that frame of mind, but nonetheless there I was working up a head of steam over other people’s issues. The more I thought about these issues the more agitated I got. It was when I frantically started looking for the misplaced TV remote and subsequently knocked over a glass (which shattered into a bazillion pieces, of course) that I had my epiphany. It struck me square between the eyes that it wasn’t me just being clumsy that caused the glass to crash, it was the power of my negative thought energy that was the culprit. I unwittingly stumbled upon what I now refer to as the “poltergeist effect”.

This all probably sounds a bit far out and “New Age” and, maybe it is. But the more I reflected on the issue the more sense it made. All my pent-up agitation had manifested itself physically. As I went further along that line of thought, looking back over past faux pas and foibles, it became even more clear that most all the lumps and bruises (so to speak) in my life were caused by my own state of mind.

Pretty much everyone has seen a movie or heard something about poltergeists. The word “poltergeist”, translated from its Germanic origins, means knocking (polter) ghost (geist). These entities are generally described as annoying and mischievous spirits who make noises, create disturbances and even throw objects and break them. They are considered destructive and disturbing. The buzzwords here are “destructive” and “disturbing”.

There is an amazing amount of literature available on poltergeists. According to most of the “experts” in this field, poltergeists are not to be confused with ghosts, nor are their activities to be confused with possession and/or hauntings. There are some differences between the two:

. A ghost is usually the spirit of a deceased person. Poltergeist activity revolves around living beings.

. Ghosts usually appear only in places once familiar to the deceased. Poltergeists appear around people at any time, in any place.

. A haunting by a ghost is continuous and generally in the same areas. Poltergeist activity builds up to a climax and then starts over and can happen anywhere.

. Ghosts are not violent by nature. A poltergeist can inflict both physical and mental trauma.

Most researchers of this subject generally agree that the majority of recorded poltergeist activities revolve around personalities with mental disorders such as hysteria and schizophrenia, or emotional problems such as anger and anxiety. There are some cases noted where psychological therapy seemed to “exorcise” the poltergeist once the patient’s emotional issues were treated. Other experts of the paranormal believe that poltergeist activity is actually a form of psycho kinesis (PK). PK is a paranormal occurrence that is manifested when the electrical energy within a person is involuntarily discharged. This “discharge” causes the destruction of, and/or the unexplained movement of inanimate objects. Paranormal, of course, is a blanket term that covers everything from UFO sightings to hauntings to anything that can’t be explained scientifically.

Remember Uri Gellar and the spoon-bending craze of the seventies and the eighties? Mr. Gellar is what is called a “paranormalist” and he achieved a high level of celebrity status starting with his spoon-bending technique back in “the day”. This technique is something that he is apparently capable of teaching to just about anyone with any attention span whatsoever. According to his precepts, it’s simply a matter of imagining your energy as a physical thing, then harnessing it and projecting it.

I am not a physicist. Not a doctor. Not a shrink. But if memory serves me well, energy cannot be “uncreated”. Obviously, when you are stressed or under strain there is a release of energy that causes physical deterioration in the body. Ulcers, heart attacks, high blood pressure are all manifestations of mental stress or spiritual unease. When you get stressed or angry, capillaries in your body clench up and interfere with the flow of blood in your system. The heart starts pumping harder to compensate. I have seen people with spittle flying from their mouths they were so worked up over something. I have been so shaken with anger myself that I couldn’t get a key in the door.

When you are really ticked off your body needs to vent some of that pent up energy and you tend to drive faster, you hurry people along, you slam your fist into a wall. Everything seems to suddenly go wrong or take forever. Your adrenal glands start pumping. You might rush about cursing anything and everyone who gets in your way. The slightest thing could set you off into a tizzy. You get tense. Your muscles bunch up. Your eyes bulge in their sockets. Your face gets red and you feel flushed. You yell at people- usually your family or friends.

Enter, my “poltergeist effect” theory. You are manifesting a poltergeist type energy that is expelling itself outward wreaking havoc on your surroundings. You are sending off waves of heat. Energy. When I broke the glass in a state of agitation, I believe it was my inner, undirected energy coursing out and creating “mischievous” physical energy. It’s the vibration of this energy that sends glasses smashing to the ground.

Picture this. What if you could follow someone around and videotape him or her while they were in a total frenzy and having a meltdown? Then, doctor the video by removing that person. What do you think you would see? You would see objects flying all over the place. You would hear doors slam. China being smashed. You would hear loud and disruptive noises. People and things would get knocked over. You might think you were watching a video on paranormal, poltergeist activity.

Following this premise, negative thoughts become an energy which causes (re)actions. That pulse of adrenalin when you are angered or startled manifests itself and disrupts your environment leaving you weakened, shaky and drained. Somewhat like a battery that has been discharged. You have depleted some inner reservoir of energy when you project your poltergeist self.

So what would be the opposite of this poltergeist energy? Happy thoughts don’t project such a malevolent and obvious energy. But, while laughter doesn’t harden the arteries, it doesn’t manifest itself physically and say, pick a rose for you, either. Maybe the output of positive energy is more fluent, subtler, and more diffuse. Could it be that a smile or a gentle pat carries as much power, or more, but with less drama?

When you are happy you are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. There is no grimacing, no abrupt, jerky and sometimes destructive movements. If you could videotape the same person, whom we imagined earlier in a rage, while they are in a positive state of mind, what would a similarly doctored video show? You would probably see objects being moved about, but in a smooth, orderly and reasonable manner. There would be a flow and a pattern to the overall picture.

Everyone has heard the old adage of “laughter is the best medicine”. Just look at Joan Rivers. Still alive and kickin’, or should I say, still alive and laughing! Being serene is medicinal in itself. On the flip side, how many people do you know who are taking yogi lessons to relieve stress? Or taking anger-management courses? Anger alters you in more ways than one. And it definitely impacts your environment.

The night I had my epiphany and broke the glass I could just feel things waiting to go wrong. I could sense the vibration of all that negative energy starting to build up. I took several deep breaths and decided to change up my thinking right then and there. I affirmed to myself that it was completely within my power to NOT allow those outside influences to disturb me. I made a conscious decision to maintain the harmony of my home and myself and to not allow us to be disturbed.

I know my little poltergeist theory sounds far-fetched and perhaps a little giddy, yet, how many times have you felt “bad vibes”? Maybe those “vibes” are coming from your little “knocking ghost”. They could even be considered a warning of sorts. If you’re one of those who has issues with managing anger and dealing with pressure you could possibly save some big bucks by doing some creative self-therapy on your own.

Try imagining those disruptive and disturbing feelings as the beginnings of a nasty little entity just dying to get out and kick-ass on your life. Are you really going to let that happen? Are you going to let some amorphous mass make a fool of you and damage your family or your friends? Hell, no! You’re going to take hold of yourself and your environment. You are going to visualize yourself in control and not at the mercy of some ghostly little wannabe. You are going to name your demon-and then you are going to cast it out. “I hear you knockin’…”

Source by Christine McKellar


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