The Person Who Killed Wiz Da Wizard Explains How He Tortured Him, Warns Kodak Black to Be Next


42 thoughts on “The Person Who Killed Wiz Da Wizard Explains How He Tortured Him, Warns Kodak Black to Be Next

  1. Dam rap is supposed to be a outlet for pain not the cause of it. This new rap is all about willful ignorance. Nobody wants to have anything useful to say they like this dude for example he talks about someone being tortured and killed like its a sport and he glorified it of course. everybody is a gangster nowadays knowing dam well they ain't but…. it's influenced. Being in a gang isn't a accomplishment STOP glorifying it!

  2. You just said…"we rest in flames"…sad that you are okay with burning in HELL for eternity…I pray for your soul…you need JESUS in your life…HE is the only one that can save your soul…turn away from sin and that lifestyle…it's not cool and these people don't really care about you…so you are willing to suffer for eternity for fake love and fake friends…ask yourself is it really worth it…we are living in the END TIMES…REPENT!!!….the devil is really real…the devil wants your soul…I don't think you are really comprehending what eternal suffering is…you won't be in a group hanging out in HELL…you will be by urself in darkness being tortured begging for a 2nd chance…life is short…REPENT!!!

  3. Y’all people think Jesus can fix that type of situation or even exist ain’t no such thing in this world all it is energy, negative energy or positive energy, dark energy and light mfs needa wake up

  4. So am I understanding this right ? this man is talking like being in flames when he dies is okay??? Okay that's how cunning and baffling the devil is! Now don't leave out the part about Being hungry forever, wanting water forever, begging for death! Being tormented in the flames! SMH what in the world kind of young, gangsta, hellbound crazies , are we entertaining in this world! Lord please cover my kids!

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