The Most HIDDEN Underground Cities

Have you ever imagined a life without the sun? How could we possibly survive? Today we'll show you how with the most impressive underground cities! 1.

49 thoughts on “The Most HIDDEN Underground Cities

  1. Yes, The Illuminati has always been right-hand and left-hand busy with their 5th dimensions rulers of Earth with many names from Archons to Fallen Angels etc who continue to create religions On Earth to allow Man's inhumanity to Man to feed them negative emotional spiritual food since they were kicked out of Heaven and keep us as less than children of GOD on (Cosmic) Prison Earth! Therefore, I'm also considered to be nuts to call all of us prisoners of Earth! Plus, we are not the only species of prisoners here and our ET progenitors who crashed on Antarctica thousands of years ago after Mars was a Moon to the Asteroid Belt planet that they destroyed by their nuclear war!!!

  2. Whoever commented: "I think there are more developed underground cities that are top secret." Is absolutely correct as they are millions of years old, representing at least 5 ET colonizations of Earth separated by millions of years guarded by The Cabal, The Alliance and The ICC Antarctica, Giza and Ecuador as part of The Secret Space Program!!! This version of Humanity is only one of many versions before and to come after! See Cosmic Disclosure by David Wilcock on Prime Video and elsewhere!!!

  3. Yes! America all save the planet! Look other some countries is solving that problem by going under ground to get away from the heat, solar lighting and growing plants by solar, etc…

    This video makes me hate my country more.

    What is the matter with you , America? We are business building space stuff , but we can be building underground cities.

    Problem is the animals living under ground in America.

    We want to go to space , but we can take care of the planet we have now.

  4. Deuteronomy 32:42 |
    I will make mine arrows 🔄🔄🔄drunk with blood,🍷🐍 and my sword shall devour flesh; and that with the blood of the slain and of the captives, from the beginning of revenges upon the enemy

  5. even in Barbados' the cave that run under ground not to far from the air port' i been there once. and its very deep' and i can tell you' no man built that the only way in is the train line' and if you fall from any side you will die' it very deep' u must vist to see

  6. yes the bible said there are bein living in the earth' there was also 3 soldiers that went in to a cave' and only the sergeant survive' the bounced up hippie ladies inside the cave. they made a movie' but switch alot of information about it.

  7. They forgot Mount Weather FEMA HighPointSpecialFacility ….probably the most important/least understood/least known about underground miniature town where POTOUS will evacuate to when the poop hits the fan….lol… entrance is on Rte 601 middleway between Rte.7 & Rte 50 a lonely 2 lane Rd. in Bluemont, VA.

  8. theres ton of other ones ur not listing the so called secret ones least some will actually be opened up to some of the public decades from now n alot more will be built after we get over our fear of more of ourselves….

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