The Massive Ancient Underground City of Derinkuyu & The Amazing Scorpion Filled Tunnels of Cu Chi

In the video today we're looking at the truly incredible and expansive Underground City of Derinkuyu only relatively recently discovered. After this, we'll be ...

43 thoughts on “The Massive Ancient Underground City of Derinkuyu & The Amazing Scorpion Filled Tunnels of Cu Chi

  1. Cappadocian Greeks knew about the tunnels and in 1909 used them to hide after the turks butchered Armenians and other christians in Adana , with the population exchanges between turkey and Greece they took the knowledge of the tunnels with them .

  2. The experts know why they are built. They just don't want to admit the catastrophe cycles because man is arrogant, especially the secular athetistic man. They don't want to admit they are not in control of the affairs of the world.

  3. The reason they can't date it and tell you how old it is is because they can't use the geographical column to date it because the city is in the ground which tells me you can't rely on the geographical call them to begin with

  4. This underground city is deeper than 18 stories at least how we would constitute them. We consider a story to be roughly 10ft. we know that with todays level of technology that we can build a floor or single story at 1x8x1. meaning 1ft thick ceiling, 8ft below it of open living space and a 12" floor. How do you accomplish this when you're digging down into rock more than 200ft? the answer is, you couldn't possibly do it even with todays technology without making mistakes or cave ins etc. there isn't a single piece of evidence of there being any of these things occurring during its construction OR its use following the build. How is this even possible thousands of years ago? It's just not folks. not with the history as its been fed to us. What they seem to brush over in every documentary I watch on this particular site is actually 2 things. The first, How do you connect a tunnel 3 miles long without evidence of it ever surfacing the entire distance, when it's apparent to the "researchers" that said tunnel was started at both cities. Meaning they met somewhere in the middle of that 3 mile stretch and did so perfectly. once again without surfacing to find their positioning…thousands of years ago. and 2nd.. the airshafts. how do you strategically bore holes 200 ft down into solid rock without making again, any sign of mistake or cave in? Theyve pinpointed shafts into solid rock at weird angles so that.. and get this.. not a single shaft broke through or crossed another air shaft. How on earth is that possible? Idk folks. These cities to me are on par or even more technologically advanced than the pyramids. Especially when you take into account that the place in which they are built has almost 0 seismic activity, while the rest of the country around them is constantly shaking and quaking. How would they know about seismic particulars miles below the ground.. thousands of years ago. HUGE archaelogical site being almost completely brushed over by mainstream academia. how do we know this? try finding a documentary of professional academia or one backed by the archaelogical community. You can't.

  5. About a decade ago I had an instructor, while in school learning aircraft maintenance, who had served in Vietnam. Due to his size, he became a tunnel rat. At the end of our class, after exams were in, he told us stories of his time in the tunnels. He described some of the things Simon has, but even more horrid details. The men who blindly crawled into the dark have my enormous respect. My instructor said that sometimes he didn't go in with a flashlight because it gave away his presence. So he crawled inch by inch searching every bit of ground ahead of him for booby traps. And he described in detail one of the encounters he had with Charlie in the tunnels. The story ended with him crawling out of a tunnel with a bloody knife in his teeth.

  6. There are lots of tunnels in Canadian cities actually! In Ontario many were used for the Underground Railroad (later used to snuggle booze). In Edmonton there is a whole network of tunnels that connect the armoury, hospital, and schools used during bombing raids.

  7. FYI; I'm sure someone must have mentioned it, but when you talk about Montreal having tunnels, the image is that of France's underground, not Montreal's metro, which is a blue background and a white circle with an arrow.

  8. I already knew about this place from Giorgio Tsoukalos from "Ancient Aliens", and other similar History channel shows. Still very cool. Always willing to learn more. Thanks.

  9. That was quite a leap to get to Montreal's Metro system. Because of the cold winter weather here many large cities develop systems of interconnected underground areas. It all starts with some large buildings' owners wanting to connect directly to the subway station, then lining the area with shops, and it grows from there…

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