The Link Up: The New Cookbook Emily is All About This Spring, Jess' New Clean Beauty Finds, And 3 Books Ryann Couldn't Put Down - Emily Henderson

The Link Up: The New Cookbook Emily is All About This Spring, Jess’ New Clean Beauty Finds, And 3 Books Ryann Couldn’t Put Down – Emily Henderson

Well, we had a pretty good week over here. Did you see Rashida’s dining lounge plans and that she’s asking you a BIG favor? Did you catch Sara’s everyday version of her kitchen? How about Erin Hiemstra’s unreal beach house? Like we said, GOOD. We hope yours had some highlights too and if not let this be your treat to yourself. Let’s link up!

This week’s hour tour is an INCREDIBLY charming farmhouse. Artist Philippa Jeffrey and her husband brought this 18th-century farmhouse back to life. It’s full of color, pattern, texture, and pure coziness. Enjoy!

From Emily: If you’ve never made a salad from an actual cookbook you could be missing out. I started doing this during lockdown (with fresh dressing, interesting nuts/ingredients) and it took my salad game to the next level. I sound so boring and basic writing that, but I LOVE a good salad. So when this book, SALAD FREAK, came out and I read about it in a magazine I immediately wanted it in my repertoire. It has over 100 recipes from Martha Stewart’s personal chef. MOVE OVER SOUP.

Also from Emily: Y’all, I live in Portland now and you don’t walk around SW without a swoosh on…or else. Plus I have many friends who have worked there so I like to support. But I’m more into their lifestyle gear than intense athletic gear, so I found these which have the edge that my checkered Vans did (I can’t find one of them, putting a warrant out for shoe-napping arrest now) and are way more comfortable. At first I was worried about the laces (all the effort!) but I can slip them on and off real fast. They look cool with most outfits and give me a tiny bit of a lift which I like.

From Ryann: I am finally getting back into reading and since I have this rare disease where if I finish a book I have to tell someone or I’ll explode, I figured this would be a good place to share. Last week I read 3 books: 1. My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing, a thriller about a husband and wife who become serial killers with a pretty shocking twist at the end. 2. My Year of Rest And Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh, about a privileged, miserable woman who decides she wants to sleep for a year (it’s funny and dark and I could not put it down – Ottessa is a great writer) and 3. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, a thriller about a psychotherapist who tries to get his patient to speak about her crime after shooting her husband 5 times in the head with seemingly no motive. They were all entertaining, fast reads that I would recommend to anyone who is trying to enjoy reading again. Oh, and I couldn’t have finished them without the help of my trusty rechargeable book light.

From Caitlin: I have a wedding and/or baby shower every month from April 24 through the end of the year (great for traveling and seeing longtime friends, not awesome for someone who’d like to save enough to buy a home in this millennia). If you’re in the same boat and on the hunt for something to wear, I just wanted to call out my all-time favorite event-appropriate dress destination. I bought one of these dresses on sale when the Anthropologie at The Grove was closing like 4 years ago and it’s been a total mainstay since (here’s a glimpse of mine from a wedding in 2019, and I just wore it again at a wedding last month!). The prices are great, the cuts/patterns are all super appropriate, the quality is SUPER high, and it hits the ideal balance where I have never felt under- or over-dressed. I also always feel excited about rewearing mine and never like an ~outfit repeater~, which is the best. 🙂 HUGE FAN.

Also From Caitlin: “Don’t cross me because I will get my revenge by being marginally less pleasant the next time we meet” – INCREDIBLE. I feel like this is kinda all of us, no? (This part is definitely me: “You’ll be devastated to see I only included six smiley faces when there were clearly seven smiley face opportunities.”)

From Mallory: Chase and I made this pasta al limone for dinner the other night and OMG was it good – we used pappardelle instead of spaghetti because we found a really legit noodle at a local market. The recipe is in the video at around 4 minutes 15 seconds and you gotta watch the tension between that very attractive Italian chef and the host. If you try this let me know! It was delicious

Also From Mallory: Need a vase for some spring florals?? This is literally the only vase I put fun flowers in (because it’s equally as fun as the florals and might be one of the only vases big enough for large bouquets) it’s no secret that I love Jonathan Adler and while it’s splurgy, I love how it makes my space feel 🙂

From Jess: I’m really in a vacation mindset… actually I am currently on vacation and feel a bottomless amount of gratitude about it. But these are the last few things I bought. First off, you should know that I’m at a bachelorette and needed a black swimsuit, it was on our itinerary as a requirement. So I headed to J. Crew and bought this “1993 Underwire Bikini Top” and these simple, cute cheeky bottoms. I love that the top is supportive and reminds me of the tops my mom would wear to the beach and the bottoms fit great with just a hint of cheek:) I feel really good in it which is all I can ask for! Mission accomplished. Then I was influenced by Julia from Chris Loves Julia and bought these $25 tortoiseshell aviators. These Ray-Ban aviators are my classic go-to’s. BUT I really don’t want to take a chance losing them, so these are a very cool version that I absolutely plan to keep a very close eye on but won’t be as bummed if something happens to them.

Also From Jess: Since there’s still a little bit of time before the Sephora sale is over, these are the things I bought and why:

  • Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation (in Diaz): I wish I would have bought this a long time ago. I had the Kosas Tinted Face Oil Comfy Skin Tint but it ended up making my dry skin even drier which was such a bummer because I loved the coverage. However, this one has SPF and actually seems to moisturize my skin! 10/10
  • Ilia The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette (in Warm Nude): My neverending quest to be a glowy goodness continues with this eyeshadow palette. It’s so beautiful and I love how it looks. Summer better be ready for Bunge.
  • Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara: Yes, I went on an Ilia shopping spree but when a brand is good, it’s good. I remember Mallory raving about this mascara. And let me tell you that woman knows how to sell a product. The good news is that she’s always right. So I decided to try a sample of this and of course loved it immediately. Naturally, I picked up the full size in the sale.

That’s it from us. Happy Sunday and see you all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Philippa Jeffrey | Photo by Malcolm Menzies | via Homes & Gardens

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Written by Jess Bunge

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