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The Link Up: The FREE No-Frizz Trick That Em Now Does Every Shower, The Dress That Makes Caitlin Feel Great, And Thing That Helps Jess Stay Organized - Emily Henderson

This was yet another heartbreaking week and we were reminded (not that we needed it) that very little has changed since last June. All of our words feel insufficient. So for a moment of rest and maybe a little joy, here is this week’s link up with an important resource for us all at the end.

Carmeon, you know, the newest Design Star, is currently partnering with an incredible non-profit charter management organization called Green Dot Public Schools. They go into underserved schools and does a total overhaul to give every child a chance at a quality education. Right now she is raising money to rebuild the music program at one of the Green Dot schools in Memphis. Here is the link to donate. Every little bit helps!

This week’s “home tour” isn’t a home but the HIGHLY anticipated, Downtown LA Proper Hotel opening this June. Kelly and her team completely nailed it, again. Get ready for some incredible design inspiration. It’s almost overwhelming.

From Emily: I can only assume that I am not alone in dealing with frizzy hair. Actually, during the Target shoot that I clearly can’t stop talking about, this was a hot topic. Mallory chimed in and said that she learned on Tik Tok to put your conditioner in your hair, turn the water to cold and then rinse it out. You can turn the water back to warm but make sure your hair doesn’t touch it again. Well folks, IT WORKED, like really actually worked. Sure standing in cold water sucks but also what’s a little discomfort for frizz-less locks?? This is the conditioner that Mallory told me I could get for the ultimate results. I can’t wait to try it.

So many wonderful books coming out right now and this week we are talking about Hilton Carter’s newest book, Wild Creations: Inspiring Projects to Create Plus Plant Care Tips & Styling Ideas for Your Own Wild Interior. We maaaay have a post with him coming soon (!), so we had the immense pleasure of getting to see some sneak peek photos. Y’all, they are STUNNING and so creative and while it’s no surprise, they blew us away. Go right now and order his beautiful book because plants are necessary for any home, so why not learn to style them beautifully?

From Caitlin: Last week I went on a mini “oh my gosh the world is reopening and none of my clothes really fit well right now” shopping spree at Farm Rio, my favorite place for really FUN and sustainable fashion (they plant a tree for every order, and a ton of clothes are responsibly made or manufactured in conjunction with indigenous people in Brazil!). The top 4 winners from my order: this super bright and flattering but still somehow kind of modest midi dress, these absolutely wild printed pants made of the softest fabric I have ever touched, this princess shirt (I am obsessed with balloon sleeves), and this kind of sheer printed button up that claims to be a PJ shirt but is actually my new “outside in temperamental spring weather” shirt. If you’ve never ordered from here, their sizing is VERY generous – pre-quarantine I was a size 10-sometimes-12 and now I’m definitely pushing the upper end of that spectrum (plus, I have huge boobs and a big butt from sports) but I can still reliably fit into a large there EVERY TIME. They are a miracle brand, their pieces last forever, and I get so many compliments when I’m wearing them, and they just make me feel great and happy!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

This might as well be a Joy Cho house reveal fan site because have you seen her kitchen??? Actually, we have missed posting about the last few rooms so go now to see the others because you are guaranteed to be in a good mood after looking at them.

From Ryann: One of my favorite comedians Nate Bargatze has a new Netflix special and it is hysterical and I just want everyone I know to watch it so we can talk about it. I’ve already watched it twice and then went back and watched his old special because I love his deadpan dry humor so much. Oh, and another great thing about him and his stand-up is he never curses so it’s actually very kid and family-friendly which I think is a testament to how funny he really is! If you watch it, let me know what you think and then give me recs, please?

From Jess: A while back I wrote about Jada Pinkett Smith’s new gender-neutral, sustainable personal care line called Hey Humans. At that time I just wanted all of you to know it was out but I hadn’t personally tried it yet. Well, last week after I ran out of my deodorant, I snagged their Coconut Mint stick and it works so GREAT! It’s honestly the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. Smells great, actually lasts all day, and no rash (I have sensitive pits). Y’all I have tried a lot of other brands. Yes, I’m mean Native, Schmitt’s, etc. But so far this one works the best for me and it’s under $5. If coconut mint isn’t your ideal scent they have a bunch more.

Also From Jess: When it comes to my personal life I’m pretty disorganized. I save all that brain space for work:) Anyway, for the life of me I couldn’t remember to either take or if I had taken my vitamins/probiotics. So I finally caved and ordered a weekly pill organizer that I didn’t hate the look of that also had AM and PM compartments. I joked that I didn’t know if buying it was the death of my youth or peak adulting. Either way I needed it and it has really helped. Also, this may be too personal but this is the “female support” probiotic that my gyno recommended and it’s been really great too. Obviously check with your doctor first but I like to pass on things that help me feel better:)

From Mallory: I got some necklaces from Gorjana as a gift one time and I cannot stress how good they are!! I love layering this onethis one, and this one together. I wear them almost every single day!! They’re amazing quality for the price guys and they’re so cute!!!

Annie Wu who is an incredible activist and anti-racism resource created this graphic to give actionable ways to prevent the killings like those of Anthony Alvarez, Travon Chadwell, and Adam Toledo. She also updated her graphic that gives ways to help Daunte Wright’s family and the people trying to make change in Minnesota. We have to continue to actively fight.

Stay stafe, push for reform, and have a good rest of your Sunday. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Kelly Wearstler

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