The Lagoon 55 Space Ship - a cruising cat that redefines volume

The Lagoon 55 Space Ship – a cruising cat that redefines volume

Wait till you see the aft cabins… this Lagoon 55 with all its extra options is essentially a self-contained €1.7m resort. Toby Hodges …


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  1. Buying/ putting a deposit a new Lagoon now is in reality buying a lottery ticket betting on if the company exists in 3 years. Will they file bankruptcy to get away from the lawsuits of 1000 angry Lagoon 450 owners?

    If lagoon goes bankrupt while they have your deposit money, you can kiss your $100K goodbye. I would avoid Lagoon new boats until they emerge from this dark cloud.

  2. So what do you do if you have a problem with your boom? Moving the sail area up apart from massively lowering your performance especially in light winds just makes the boat top heavy. I suppose you don't have to worry about the boat flipping though, you're permanently reefed lol. Fly bridges on sailing boats has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

  3. I’m not sure if it was an optical illusion or not but the bow seemed low in the water while the stern was high? Seemed to be nosing into the shallow waves? Obviously a day trip boat? No solar provision? Open exposed to the weather top cockpit? 50 sold before making production? Hmmmm. Not for me. I think lagoon needs some new designers?

  4. Pretty nice cat…except for that fly bridge. Delete that completely, drop the main sail boom (and requisite mast height) by 10 feet, and cover the remaining roof with solar and you'd have something. As is, it's just another condo-maran. Cannot understand why people like that sort of thing, but apparently they do with 50 preproduction purchases on the books.

  5. I dont know about you but a 55 ft. cat with out a forward facing inside nav area were one can steer ,Do watches , relax out of the weather sun or rain . Im afraid i find this high , ugly & badly thought out , Pity because Lagoon was in the for front of design a few years ago for comfortable long term living cats ( Not so mush build quality )

  6. Great peek. Thanks. These cats are not for exploring the North Atlantic in harrowing winds, which is fine cause I don't want to do that. People report they spend most of their time at a warm-water anchorage anyway. Might as well have a floating condo. I was on a Bali 5.4 this summer and the wife fell in love. The Lagoon is nice, but lacks the living space of the Bali. People buy these big cats for the lifestyle, not hard-water crossings (which they can do, albeit uncomfortably). Might as well get the most lifestyle for the buck. For the money I think we're still aiming at the Bali, though maybe the 4.8.

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