The Hunt Trailer Reaction: Does It Stoke Anti-Conservative VIOLENCE?

The Hunt Trailer Reaction: Does It Stoke Anti-Conservative VIOLENCE?

NBC Universal said they have zero plans to change the planned release date of “The Hunt,” a movie about liberal elites kidnapping and hunting “deplorable” Americans for sport.


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NBC Universal: No Plans To Change Release Date Of Film About Liberals Hunting Conservatives Following Mass Shootings

THE HUNT Trailer (2019) Emma Roberts, Thriller Movie

Ads Pulled for Gory Universal Thriller ‘The Hunt’ in Wake of Mass Shootings (Exclusive)

Trump slams The Hunt movie where elites target ‘deplorables’


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  1. Thats like blaming The Matrix for Columbine. Put the blame where it belongs, and understand that art and entertainment isn't responsible for peoples actions. This movie took it's theme from a short story called Most Dangerous Game. It's a great story and thought provoking. Incidentally, I always thought Van Pelt (Jumanji) was written exactly like the Zaroff from the short story. Here's the cliff notes.

  2. The outrage here, though ridiculous and hyperbolic, is also indicative of an inability to make the distinction between political satire/parody and reality. Children-like "adults" are chomping at the bit, just to be outraged by something that they don't like (and most often do not understand/get)… People born between the 60's through the mid 70's, must really suck at being parents, because my generation (born in 81) is suffering, from the children of the generation born before mine… no joke here. The world seems to be royally fucked, by the zealots and true believers, alike… save us, Xenu!

  3. Yep all those guns and a movie scares you this commentary is laughable i mean really i live in south im white and trust me they hate still they just whisper behind your back i hear it everyday by rich white businessman, i know this might come as shock but right wing terrorists have recently been considered the most dangerous group in America by homeland securityand FBI , mailing bombs to politicians and news outlets and shooting up gay night clubs immigrants shopping at walmart just today news broke of 3 potential attacks by rightwingers broken up by FBI you got 1 leftist who shot congressman at a baseball game im not saying hes right but there is no leftist organization trying spew the hateful rhetoric any where near our own president and fox news does daily, i will talk with anyone who can have a real discourse without using slurs or same old lies spread by Fox news as evidence of your stance

  4. This is hilarious. Libs hunting real people. I understand suspension of disbelief….but this takes the cake. First of all….the elites have no idea which end of a gun is the dangerous end…second….no safe spaces for libs to run to when the folks kick their asses….third…it's just too stupid a plot. I see that the release was cancelled… move.

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