The Flyysoulja & Kodiyakredd Interview: Kidnapping, Kodak Black Co-sign & More

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39 thoughts on “The Flyysoulja & Kodiyakredd Interview: Kidnapping, Kodak Black Co-sign & More

  1. 0:25 Redd explains how Kodak Black renamed him and how they linked up
    1:10 Kodak facetimed Redd and asked to link in Miami
    2:23 Kodak might want to sign Redd
    2:30 Kodak wants Redd to change his style and image?
    3:38 Redd won't cut his hair
    4:00 Kodak is chilling now that he's out
    5:13 Flyysoulja thinks Kodak is chosen, spirituality
    6:07 The twins were in juvie when Xxx was big and k***ed and when the Soundcloud era was big
    7:12 The twins lost their dad when they were young to a heart attack, growing up outta control
    8:30 Getting arrested for burglary and such + Someone planted pills in their room
    9:11 Getting into dr*gs early on
    10:39 "We were always popular for being us!"
    10:55 Flyysoulja was locked up with Hotboii
    11:47 "Lil Pump aint got nothing to do with my style!"
    12:35 "Light skin Kodak"
    13:20 Tote & Carry ad
    14:52 Being locked up, Redd not wanting to be a rapper at the time
    15:43 Fighting in jail for dumb things or forced to fight
    17:15 Face card give access to a lot of things, including F a staff member
    18:04 Trying to understand men behavior while locked up + Beefs with rival counties in FL
    19:21 Getting into fights while locked up
    20:21 Being locked up together most of the time, but not getting in trouble anymore
    20:59 Struggling after getting out, odd jobs, no help, going back to high school
    21:34 Fighting in school for defending his brother and getting suspended
    23:05 Not going to an alternative school, it's even worse
    23:40 They love their area but it's dangerous and they get a lot of hate
    24:08 Flyysoulja explains how the hate is real and how rappers should support each other
    25:00 "It's because I'm tatted up, I'm not blak, they think I'm ignorant"
    25:26 Adam asks if the hate might be related to the twins claiming gangs
    27:21 "I didn't get a tattoo because I wanna be a blood" + Not wanting to be initiated
    28:08 Registered in the system as gang members but not trying to be in the streets at all
    29:00 Getting kicked out of high school, being on probation
    29:49 Kicked out of the house by their mom at 18 because of cops knocking at their door all the time "You act like a man you gonna be treated like one"
    30:36 Flyysoulja lived with his baby mama
    31:02 Trying to get a job with face tatt
    32:54 Beefing on IG live
    33:40 How Flyysoulja gets down on IG live
    34:11 Telling Hotboii he wasn't running sh** while they were locked
    35:20 All in all Hotboii is pretty cool though: "He's going through a lot"
    36:09 "Orlando is getting down"
    36:30 Their opinion on the Jacksonville situation + Beefing with Foolio outta the blue
    37:04 Flyysoulja explains where the beef might come from
    37:41 Redd says Foolio was cool then attacked him after Redd got tatted up
    38:47 "Choppa's skin in glowing" lol
    39:26 Flyysoulja says he has dream that manifest
    40:17 "There's nothing wrong about dreaming about another man" lol
    41:00 "Sungazing is real"
    41:44 Going viral for imitating Youngboy on Tiktok
    42:38 "bah bha bha bha"
    42:48 Being versatile, sounding good without autotune
    43:39 Redd sings + Adam says he sounds better without autotune
    44:04 Flyysoulja not trying to rhyme, Redd telling him to be more lyrical lol
    44:55 Who's the look and who's the talent?
    46:01 Tryna be regular to not get annoyed when they're out and about
    48:29 Redd breaks down the k*dnapping situation, dude sold them a dream, lived in a trailer
    50:38 Redd trying to go up on IG at the time, getting known on live
    51:15 Back to the k*dnapping story, dude was just desperate and wanted money from them
    54:39 Jumped out a moving car, dude was just jealous that the twins was doing their own thing
    56:13 What was that crazy dude's actual motive? Kept acting weird and asking for money
    58:28 People living vicariously through them or off them
    59:16 The twins ask about Adam's come up
    1:00:11 Adam explains why Youngboy threatened him
    1:01:05 Flyysoulja asks "What's a Gen Z"
    1:01:48 Flyysoulja shows the clip where they were called Gen Z
    1:03:13 Style over substance?
    1:04:34 Redd feels underrated as a rapper
    1:05:13 Skinnyfromthe9 claiming the twins stole his style: "What style does he have??"
    1:07:37 "I was f*cking with Soulja Boy until he signed Skinnyfromthe9"
    1:09:47 Really pushing their music and aesthetic
    1:11:10 Flyysoulja loves Florida more than Cali, Redd wants to get out of Florida
    1:14:44 Redd explains the difference between LA and Florida
    1:17:34 How to deal with haters? "Ignore"
    1:18:34 How fame is perceived outside of your circle
    1:19:45 The way Kodak moves around in Florida

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