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The Fat Nick Interview: Getting Sober, Guns, Drake Naming His Album & More

Fat Nick was one of the first interviews Adam ever done, he returns with new music, new project, a Drake cosign, talks about moving out out of LA, friendship with ...

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28 thoughts on “The Fat Nick Interview: Getting Sober, Guns, Drake Naming His Album & More

  1. 1:19 Why Fat Nick moved back to Miami for a quieter life
    1:47 Fat Nick's peak at the start of Soundcloud
    2:25 Initially wanted to be comedians with Pouya, inspired by Andy Milonakis
    3:07 Nick and Pouya are friends since 7th grade
    3:44 Performing with Pouya at 16
    4:10 Pouya started rapping and success came fast
    5:40 Old beefs and being on dr*gs
    6:10 How Nick got hooked with lean the first time he tried it
    7:13 Hooked on p*lls
    8:27 P*lls never actually helped, Nick has anxiety now that he's clean
    9:10 The fake p*ll epidemic after Peep passed
    9:47 Looking back on their first No Jumper interview
    10:57 "Cancel culture is a bunch of chihuahuas"
    13:00 Nick and Pouya meeting $uicideboy$ for the first time on No Jumper
    13:28 Pouya and Nick are best friends, doing their own thing
    14:27 Nick explains the Buffet Boys dynamic
    15:15 Nick signed Lil Jerry
    15:59 Fat Nick almost signed Tay-K to Buffet Boys before he got arrested
    17:55 How Nick quit doing dr*gs
    19:58 Food show with Rolling Loud, inspired by Action Bronson and Guy Fieri
    23:40 Watch what he eats when he's not shooting for the food show
    25:05 Being a g*n owner in Florida
    26:00 Fat Nick being watched by his neighbors that are old cops?
    27:16 Soundcloud era is dead
    29:43 Fat Nick and Abercrombie collab is real
    31:38 Fat Nick not really single but tryna work something out
    32:25 Fat Nick had a small part in a movie as a dr*g dealer in a frat house
    33:32 Fat Nick was in China when Covid hit
    36:52 Working with new artists
    38:44 Collecting everything Pokemon
    40:47 What Nick is listening to right now, depends on the mood
    41:58 Relationship with Drake and gave Nick his mixtape's name: 'Gorgeous Glizzy Gordo'
    44:11 New mixtape 'Gorgeous Glizzy Gordo' out November 5th

  2. How tf does this dude have 3.96mill subscribers??

    Guy is literally the worst interviewer. Monotone af, no enthusiasm and seems bored and just reading off a script.

  3. @ Adam it’s more than looking @ the card, it has to be graded and all other type of shit!! And Nick is right it blew up now all I’ve been seeing for a while has been Pokémon cards! No 🧢 I be sealing the cards I work @ collectors universe/ PSA. Much love 💕 for Mr, Young Rich and handsome 🚀

  4. Anthony Bourdain was my favorite chef/food blogger. I was truly jealous of his life. Traveling the world and eating the best food at the most exclusive restaurants aim the world. We lost a real one when he passed away. Bronson is cool too, but AB knows exactly what he’s talking about.

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